Monday, 28 May 2012

Confessions of a Slack Blogger...


I'm a little bit embarrassed to admit this, but  I've been a bit very very slack.

You see I have been awarded a blog award or two.. or three... and have done nothing about them.

For those who don't know, the gist of a blog award is that you thank the person who awarded it to you, tell a few random facts about yourself and then pass the award on to others.

If I forget anybody, please forgive me, but I think that this should cover everything.

Andrea of Creating Childhood Memories awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award AAAAGES ago.
Susan Crochet Addict also awarded me a Versatile Blogger Award

Becky of Hazel and Blue gave me a One Lovely Blog Award

Katie of Mummy Adventures awarded me a  Liebster Award

Roberta of Rowantree design also gave me a Liebster Award

and most recently Laura of HootNZ gave me a Liebster Award

Thank you all for thinking of my wee blog and sharing the love. I really appreciate it (even if I'm a bit late in showing it- oops!).

If you are unfamiliar with any of these blogs, please do go and visit them, they are all great reads.

Now, a few random facts:
  • The tartan in my tartankiwi logo is Hunting Macfarlane. This is my family tartan and my Dad owns a kilt in it- he looks SOOO cool when he wears it- I love a man in a kilt!!!
  • Talking of kilts, although I married a Dutchman he wore a kilt on our wedding day (Black Watch Tartan, which was the only kilt that the rental place had in his size).
  • As a Scot growing up in Edinburgh, I regarded going to England as going abroad. In fact, I still regard my first trip to London as my first trip abroad! It was pointed out to me that you don't need a passport to cross the border into England- but hey! Its a different country isn't it!? (sort of!)
  • I have broken my wrist, my ankle and my upper arm (but not at the same time) I have also had stitches in my tongue and my knee... is it any wonder that my mum was adamant that there was NO WAY that I was allowed to have horse riding lessons (not that I was at all bothered by this!)
  • When I was an archaeologist, I went on excavations in Jordan, Malta, France, the Netherlands, Scotland (Orkney and the Outer Hebrides) and England. Such great experiences!
  • One of the best things about living in the Netherlands was that "Romeo and Juliet" translates as "Romeo and Julia"- over 10 years without witty comments about finding my Romeo- bliss!
Now bearing in mind just how many blog awards I have collected (ahem!), I am not going to hand out each individual award. I thought I'd pass an award of the recipients choice to the following lovely bloggers:

Kristy at Quiet Play- She is seriously addicted to Paper Piecing and creates the most amazing quilts. I just love the XOXO quilt that she recently finished.

Molly at Sew Wrong Sew Right An amazing quilter who could definitely teach me a thing or two about Free Motion Quilting, just look at her jigsaw puzzle quilting tutorial.

Also passing an award onto Max of Blackbird has Spoken- Op-shopper extraordinaire and talented dolls house renovator, her post display a wicked sense of humour and will have you rolling around with laughter!

I have been following Leonie's blog, Sunshine x 3 for a while, but it has been through the Modern Sampler BEE that I have really got to know her. She is a really kind hearted and generous soul and through her blog she shares her love of crochet, quilting and reading.

Lisa of Big Little never fails to impress me with her gorgeous sewing creations. Oh what I wouldn't give for one of her amazing Little Red Riding Hood Capes!

I will not be in the least offended if anybody chooses not to pass the award on, I just thought I'd spread some belated bloggy love.

*Photos taken during our holiday in Wanaka.


  1. awww.... Juliet! I am so flattered- you are way too kind. Thanks for making my day!

  2. Some awesome blogs to add to my list... thanks for sharing... and wow! a archaeologist! How cool :)

  3. You are too kind! Thank you - am super flattered and feel super special xx Loved all the interesting facts about you!!

  4. My husband too wore a kilt on our wedding day, but not a particular tartan.
    Congrats on all your awards

  5. Oh thanks for including me in your blogger list and for your kind comments! That's really lovely!

    I just have to add - I adore that photo of the tree in your post. Stunning!

  6. Such cool facts about you - I didn't know you'd bee an archaeologist!


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