Monday, 7 May 2012

Beads Busy Bag

Its been a while since I did any posts about busy bags, and its something that I've been meaning to get back to.

This bag is for Rascal (aged three and a half) to play with when Scallywag (aged 17 months) is not about to scatter the little pieces everywhere and cause havoc!

The inspiration came from a playgroup that we attend where the activity that they had laid out for the children this week was threading coloured pasta to make jewellery. Rascal loved it and was surprisingly good at the threading so I thought we could build on those skills.

I bought a selection of beads from the $2 shop, some thread and a tin to store everything. The advantage of the tin is that not only is everything visible, but we can pick out a small selection of the beads at a time and store them in the lid while Rascal is busy.

I cut several lengths of thread for her and tied a bead onto one end to ensure that everything is ready if Rascal wants to use this activity and that all the beads don't immediately fall off.

Rascal had a go with this busy bag on Saturday... the verdict:

A resounding success!

When I introduced the activity, Rascal threaded about 2 beads and then got side tracked, as usual showing that she has far better ideas of what to do with the raw materials that I give her.

  • She sorting the beads- by shape 
  • She sorted the beads by colour 
  • She counted how many of each different shape and colour she had.
She spent a lot of time happily playing with the beads. After a while I reminded her that we had the thread and she got down to work making a necklace. I have to say that I was amazed by the concentration that Rascal showed and the length of time that this activity caught her attention. It kept her busy for the best part of the afternoon.

Its maybe not the most original busy bag, but it got a definite vote of approval from my little critic! I have to say that for a busy bag which was intended to be creative, we discovered that there are many many learning possibilities.

When I put Rascal to bed, she requested that we do it again on Sunday. Always a good sign when we do an activity together!


  1. What a brilliant idea! I'll have to keep this in mind when lil miss is a bit older :) Thanks

  2. I'm on the look out for cool beads now - Lala was jealous of Rascals beautiful string.

  3. Aww, I love that she sorted them all into colours and youngest does exactly the same with my collection of buttons..keeps her occupied for a while :) I am always so impressed how much sewn goodness you manage to get done with your little people the owl pinafore and Scallywag's dungies! :)x


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