Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wednesday Wardrobe Inspiration!

The theme of Wardrobe Wednesday this month is "Inspired by..." and I must admit that I spent most of the month feeling anything but inspired by my wardrobe. I was thinking of giving it a miss completely BUT  then I put on a skirt and my new boots yesterday and WHAM! There was inspiration everywhere!

When Rascal saw me, her little face lit up and she said "OOOOOOOH... Pretty!" In fact, she spent the rest of the day complimenting me on how pretty I looked.

It made me think.

As a mother to a little girl, I've got an obligation to make an effort. To do more than just bum around in an old pair of jeans. There is a little pair of eyes watching me and learning from me. If I teach her that I am not worth making an effort, what kind of an example am I setting?

So this week I'm inspired by my little girl.

... and my new pair of boots ;-)

Yes... That is even a bit of a heal... My Mother-in-Law will fall over backwards when she sees me wearing these!

I'm inspired by this awesome lady who is always beautifully turned out. It makes me stop and think before I throw on the same boring clothes day in day out.

I was inspired by this awesome lady and this awesome lady to be a bit more adventurous in my choice of tights colour! I like it! I will definitely be buying some more!

Unfortunately I only had a chance to take one self timed photos of the whole outfit and it was DREADFUL, so you'll just have to take Rascal's word for it that I looked ok.

 The lowdown on my outfit:
Kaftan: at least 8 years old and bought when I lived in Holland
Skirt: Eternal Creation (bought in one of their awesome sales)
Tights: The Warehouse
Boots: The Warehouse

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  1. Wow - I want to see this in real life please. Mustard tights and slouch boots - go you!!!

    Great post - I have to agree that our kids copy everything we do. Lala just loves to get into a pair of heels and as much of my jewellry as she can get her little hands on *sigh*

  2. You look great - so pleased to have you joining us again! LOVING the tights. Very cool. :o)

  3. You are so right! I always admired my mum and Nana, because they always made an effort to dress well, it is something that rubbed off on me and hopefully in turn my lil girl... good on you for recognising that and making a the tights too! Can't wait to see more Wardrobe Wednesday posts :)

  4. LOVE the tights!
    First time I wore coloured tights I got comments but not compliments so I'm back to black
    I try not to wear jeans - I love pretty skirts

  5. Love the bright tights! :o) I think I need to make more of an effort, too. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  6. Very cute! And a lovely sentiment expressed - it's good to remember that ourselves are special enough to dress up for and what a great lesson to teach your little girl.

  7. Well done you - yay for colour! I'm always wearing jeans, thought my girls love skirts and dresses! When I do appear in something feminine they shower me with compliments - maybe they're trying to say something? :) Go you, go Rascal!

  8. LOVE this post! You are so right. Really want to get myself into wearing more skirts this winter...


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