Thursday, 12 April 2012

Playing With My New Toy!

Remember I showed you my new toy that I got for my birthday?

Well after a couple of weeks of staring at it and not having the energy to deal with something new, I finally decided to give it a go.

And do you know what, it wasn't quite as scary as I thought!

I started by watching (bits of) the DVD that came with it and had a wee scan through the manual.

Then I picked up a raglan t-shirt that I had started and abandoned a few months ago. I was using this tutorial to create my own pattern but when I discovered that my effort wouldn't even fit over Rascal's head (oops!), I had given up in disgust!

It seemed like the perfect project to resurrect. It would be exciting if I managed to save my previous disaster, but it wouldn't be the absolute end of the world if that was not possible. (The fabric was from Nin's de-stash so even though it would be a shame to waste good fabric if the project didn't work out, I wouldn't feel that I was wasting fabric that had cost me lots of money to buy.)

It turned out that my mistake was easy to fix and sewing knits on an overlocker is lots easier than on a sewing machine.

Here's what I came up with...

The good news is that it now not only fits over Rascal's head but it actually fits her rather well!

The bad news is that I got confused when joining the neckline and the seam is at the front. Rascal will have to either wear this back to front, or live with the wonky neckline.

I decided that this t-shirt although not bad is really not up to scratch for every day wear. It looks a bit too handmade, so to ensure that she can wear it, I threw together a matching pair of pyjama trousers.
Sorry about the dodgy night time photo!
Rascal is pretty chuffed with her new pyjamas and I'm pleased with my first experiment with the overlocker so smiles all round!

I think that my overlocker is definitely going to become my best friend when it comes to sewing clothes. Do you have an overlocker? Do you use it much or does it sit in the corner scowling at you because you ignore it?

I'm joining in with the fun over at creative spaces

Oh and before you go...


  1. Well done - I'd send my kid proudly out into the world with a wonky neckline! Is there anything you cannot master?

  2. Ooooh I have that overlocker and I love it! I use it a lot and it sits on the desk right beside my normal sewing machine so it can join in all the sewing fun!!


  3. Brilliant, I too found it scary at first... butn getting over that fear is soooo worth it! Its so nice to hear your kids appreciate your handmade goodies, well done!

  4. Yahoooo, you conquered the overlocker monster, not to.shabby for your first attempt. I love the factv that you made pj's for the rascal!

  5. Such cute PJs!! Congrats on your overlocker - I LOVE mine and have also been surprised at how unscary it is in reality!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Great job Juliet! Wonky neckline and all :P

    An over locker has been on my wish list for ages. I might just be able to convince hubby the mothers day would be a good time for me to finally own one!

  7. Cute pjs, well done! I still haven't tried out my over locker yet (it's been sitting in it's box for about 6 weeks now).

  8. Super cute pjs
    And I don't remember the last time I used my overlocker


  9. I can see all sorts of fab clothing and crafting happening with your new toy - love the snazzy PJs.

    Happy day!

  10. wow what a neat birthday present and Im LOVING the PJs especially the colour :)

  11. I LOVE my overlocker and it gets used almost every sewing session (I've even used it a couple of times for patchwork piecing hahaha). I like you was nervous to start - as you probably know - but pretty quickly I got better at it and figured out that it was my second best sewing buy every! :)

  12. those pj's are gorgeous juliet! i got a second hand over locker, but i dont seem to be able to make it work properly so i've put it in a cupboard so i dont have to think about the $50 bucks i wasted on it every day!!!

  13. Love the jammies - its funny because this post made me laugh as I too just recently got this exact overlocker - ... and I too was scared to start with - gosh wasn't that CD helpful? I look forward to making lots more things on mine including winter PJs for my kids. Jenny :)

  14. Well done - you will find all sorts of uses for your overlocker. Has someone taught you how to change threads by knotting so that you don't have the tedium of re threading through all the loops?

  15. Go you! who wouldn't love such happy pj's! and well done sorting the machine! My mum's one always struck fear into my being! x

  16. Yah! Yes my overlocker and I are on the best of terms, I'm so pleased your have a good time with it.

  17. good for you...i think we have the same one although i was thinking of selling mine. Just dont get the use from it.
    Groovy pj's

  18. Congrats on your overlocker! I love mine and I am sure you will find yours immensely useful. great job on the pjs!

  19. Oh my, another overlocker (or serger as we say here in the US) fan!! I LOVE mine. I have a second hand Juki- and she sews like a dream- I was so inspired when I got her and i haven't looked back. You need to try the roll hem feature- for me it was a game changer, from napkins, to tea towels, to aprons I love love love the roll hem- have fun and stay inspired, that is a great first attempt by the way!


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