Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kids Clothing Week Challenge- Day 2- Another 90 Minute Shirt

After my semi-successful attempt at a 90-minute shirt the other day, I was really keen to have another go and see if I could get the neck to sit properly.

As with day 1 of the challenge, I had all the pieces cut and ready to go, so all I needed to do was sew. I must admit that I didn't keep too close an eye on the clock, so it is possible that I spent a bit over an hour sewing, but it really wasn't that much extra.

Things that I changed compared to the first 90 minute shirt were:
1. I used different,  more stable knit fabric.
2. I altered the pattern slightly so that the shoulders weren't quite as wide
3. (This was the most important thing...) While sewing the ribbing to the neckline, I made sure to pull the rib tight. Thanks to Gabrielle for this tip- it really made a HUGE difference!

And here's the result...

Not bad eh! Not a gape in sight!!! (Um if I'm honest its gone slightly the other way and the neck is pulling slightly on the sleeves, but that really is nit-picking, the fit is lots and lots better!)

For some strange reason the wrist cuffs seem to be a wee bit tight, but apart from that, this is a definite step up. I'll just keep on perfecting my wee pattern each time that I use it. I really am going to make lots more of these- so quick easy and cute!

Oh and before I forget, here are a couple of pictures of Rascal in her octopus trousers. She declared that they were "really really cool" and has hardly taken them off since she was given them- Phew! Always a relief when they like what you make for them!!!


  1. wow! looks like a really good fit - he looks so grown up.

  2. That shirt is really neat. I need to give it a try. :)

  3. You've done a FABULOUS job on the t-shirt!!! The neckline fits really well!!! Thanks for the tip on how to sew the ribbing...

  4. Love the 90 minutes t-shirt pattern and how it looks on your little boy! nice job!

  5. That shirt looks great! I amhaving a lot of trouble sewing ribbing for the twins clothes at the moment...not sure why but i wish mine looked as good as yours!! The octopus pants look stunning...glad they are popular!!

  6. It looks amazing. Love the material you used.

  7. Well done that shirt looks fab! Really professional too! And I am loving Rascal in her new trousers... very cute with the octopus :)

  8. looks great, glad the tip helped

  9. Hi, I've featured your 90 minute shirt today...


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