Saturday, 28 April 2012

KCWC- Day 6- Rascal's turn again!

Please excuse me if I'm getting a bit repetitive.

It was Rascal's turn again today and after having searched the whole house trying to find a long sleeved t-shirt for her the other day, I thought that another 90 minute shirt was called for. I am getting quicker at making a pattern and sewing these. They really are pretty easy to sew if you've got an overlocker.

The fabric was bought for less than $1 at Stash Rehash the other week, so another bargain addition to her wardrobe.

I'm pretty pleased with it and pleasantly surprised by how well the colour suits her

... Did you notice the colour of the neck ribbing and cuffs? A bit of pink, just to prove that I'm not totally allergic to it on my little girl!
 The only thing that I am not happy with is the stitching around the bottom. I need to go and buy some matching thread and re-do this as it looks really ugly as it is now!

Phew! Only one day of the challenge left and I must say I'm pretty pleased with what I've achieved.


  1. Boy! your overlocker is getting quite the work out :) And $1? bargain! I would love to visit Stash Rehash myself... that is when I get rid of my stash :)

  2. That is a lovely colour on her. Last day? I'm counting the 30th as the last day. But maybe that's my sleep deprived brain. Righto - coffee and cutting merino :)


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