Friday, 27 April 2012

KCWC- Day 5- It worked!!!

I'm feeling just a little bit proud of myself today!

Just look at Scallywag's new dungarees!!!
My alterations to the pattern worked!!!
I LOVE them, (and so does he).

They are fairly roomy, but that means that there is enough room to add extra layers when it gets colder. The only thing that I regret is that I was slightly too enthusiastic when I was chopping off the excess fabric at the bottom. I would've preferred for them to be long enough to have cute little turn ups. That said, there is plenty of room to move the buttons on the straps, so these should definitely last the winter.

Its perhaps difficult to tell from the photos but the fabric is beautiful rust coloured thick corduroy. Maybe not a traditional boys colour, but I have to say that it looks amazing on my wee blondie!
Love the little details- such as fishy buttons!
Now... what shall I make next? Hmmm, decisions decisions...


  1. GREAT WORK!!! You did sooo well juliet! Well done!! x

  2. They look fantastic. I think rust is a great choice for boys!

  3. Well done that is adorable! and such cute pics of your scallywag wearing them... loving the fish buttons too! :)

  4. They ook so good
    Im sure they will be a favourite

    I LOVE their colour

  5. Wow, excellent work- these are just darling- is there anything you can't do?:)

  6. I love the colour and how the dungarees fits on your little boy! What an amazing week you´ve been sewing!!

  7. these look adorable, what a fantastic job you did! i think boys in red are cute.

    today i ordered my "pretty birds" jewelry that i won at your giveaway... so excited!
    i made out really well since they're having their 20% mother's day sale :)

  8. You've done a fabulous job!!! The rust colour looks great and I LOVE the corduroy fabric with the contrasting fabric. Cute, little covered buttons, too.


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