Thursday, 26 April 2012

KCWC- Day 4- Winging it!

I have started on my next project and I must admit that I'm winging it big style! There is a pattern, but I'm changing it in so many ways that its almost unrecognisable.

You see I made these cute shortalls for Scallywag a few months ago and even though I love them they are getting a bit small. So I'm attempting to make a slightly bigger version.

Combine that with the fact that we are heading into winter, and I thought I'd lengthen the legs to make a pair of dungarees.

And finally I am (yet again) adding poppers between the legs- I'm not stupid enough to make a pair of dungarees for a non-toilet trained little boy without easy access to the nappy!

Here is my progress so far...

The main fabric was bought from the Spotlight clearance table a few months ago. I have been unsure what to make with it, but there is plenty left over to make dress for Rascal if I want (or maybe not... I'm not too keen on the idea of having matching children!)

The sailboat fabric was received in Nin's Scrap Bag Swap. I think it goes well with the main fabric, but I only have enough to use it for small details and will have to find another piece of fabric for the lining.

At the moment I am guessing that I've been a bit over enthusiastic when I increased the size, but as yet its too early to start chopping bits off. 

Wish me luck- this could turn into quite a mission!!!


Before I go, I just wanted to remind you all that that time is running out to make your donations to Unfolding Hope. I really had hoped to find the time to dedicate a whole post to this awesome cause, but unfortunately time has conspired against me. Instead, I will send you over to Miriam's blog to read about why this fund raising for the abolition of slavery is so essential and to read about the awesome prizes that you can win just by donating $10.

The last that I heard, over $500 had been collected and this means that an extra special prize has been added to the prize pool. Nin of Sailor Spy has donated a $200 voucher for the winner to spend on their choice of beautiful designer clothes from her collection- how awesome is that?!?

Oh and you can keep up to date with the prizes and money raised by following Unfolding Hope on Facebook.


  1. Great work you are producing SO much in one week! Go you - awesome lady! xx

  2. I'm sure its going to turn out really cute... I look forward to seeing it finished :)

  3. thanks for visiting my blog

    I still remember a certain pair of dungarees I had for my kids when they were little and yes they had poppers between the legs. They were so useful and got a lot of use. They looked great and were tough wearing. WTG you!!

  4. oh the joy of changing a pattern so much it has no resemblance of the original! It is always an adventure isn't it? Hope these turn out well for you- I have had mixed results with my pattern altering- sometimes very good, sometimes not so much... Hope it turns out great for you!


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