Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fabric, Fabric everywhere!

Lots going on here at the moment, but not too much that is particularly blog worthy yet.

At the weekend I went along to Stash Rehash Market. I'm really very pleased with the huge pile of knit fabric that I picked up for the grand total of $3. 

The best part was bringing them home and showing Rascal, who immediately wrapped herself up in them to make various outfits. In the process she decided that they were (virtually) all for her- she decided that Scallywag could have some of the smaller pink pieces- Ha ha! 

I'm really looking forward to using my overlocker to create something great with these!

Eurgh- its such a dull day today that this photo really doesn't do justice to these beauties!
I also picked up a few great pieces of quilting fabric from Kirsty of Sew Pretty (yes a couple of these will be turning up in THE quilt for sure! I have some great ideas for the other ones. It was so so difficult narrowing down my choice.
With the weather turning colder, my mind turned to knitting. I have started on a jumper for Scallywag... Not sure how the stripes will turn out, but I was a bit scared that I wouldn't have enough wool without them. Its yummy double thickness merino wool, but having 4 balls of wool on the go is already driving me batty!

Finally I've been preparing lots of projects... Choosing fabrics, choosing projects and cutting. Generally getting ready for a busy few weeks- More details to follow. 
I can't wait!

Have you entered my giveaway? There's still time...


  1. Oh I love the stash rehash but I am avoiding buying any fabric as I have wwaaaayyyyyy to much as it is.

    Love the knitting too, I am just starting to get into the swing of autumn knitting. Somehow it just feels more right to knit when the weather starts to cool off.

  2. Looks like some awesome scores!

  3. Oh lucky you! Cant wait to see what you create x

  4. Nice spotting the bargains! It really sounds like you're gearing up for some great creations! I can't wait to see the progress and the big reveal! Please keep us up to date with progress - it's actually my favourite part of a grand reveal :)


  5. Can't wait to see what you create with them! It has to be one of the best parts watching how others turn the same piece of fabric into something completely different!

  6. Gosh you are one busy girl! Can't wait to see what you make for KCW challenge... I'm tempted to do it myself:) Also loving the stripe combo, that is going to make one cute jumper!


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