Monday, 12 March 2012

Toddler Busy Bags- Week 2

Just one busy bag to show this week. It is quite a small compact one to carry, but I suspect that when the contents are out of the bag, a certain amount of space will be needed.

The bag contains lollypop sticks with velcro dots attached at both ends. The idea is that a child can use them to create letters, shapes, numbers and whatever else their imagination comes up with!

This is not an original idea. I discovered it on this blog post. I was not able to find the cute small velcro spots that were used in the original post, so I cut larger velcro spots into quarters. It may not look as neat, but it does the job just fine!

I see this as being a good activity for Rascal (3 year old)- Scallywag (15 months)would just eat the sticks!

The bag itself was a bit of a disaster. It looked far cuter in my head! The idea was to reuse the plastic and snap closures from a small vinyl pouch that (I think) was used to sell childrens knickers! I still think that the idea is a good one, I just need to work on the execution!

A quick update on last weeks chalkboard and stickers busy bag... Rascal found it lying about and has started playing with it. I am happy to report that even though I haven't got round to buying any chalk, it is a big success! She loves that she can put different pictures in the pocket and the stickers are a big hit too!

Hopefully I will be a bit more productive next week and have more busy bags to show you.


  1. Very cute and clever idea!

  2. Wow!! Fantastic idea!!! These are great!! :)

  3. OKAY what a fab idea - I'm looking for long long aeroplane ride ideas !! !! !!


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