Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Thanks for the encouragement

I did it! 
I said that I would sew a skirt for me using a proper paper pattern before the end of the month and I managed!

I have to admit that once I got over my initial fear of tracing the pattern and deciphering the instructions, it was actually fairly plain sailing.

As I was afraid that I might botch the whole thing up, I used some stretch drill fabric that I had bought at a ridiculously bargain price a while ago. This was actually a really good choice of fabric as the stretch makes the skirt really comfortable to wear.

The same fear of failure led me to stick to the most basic version of the pattern. Part of me wonders whether I should now add some funky pockets, but I don't think I will, as like that this plain simple version is so versatile (and I'm not sure how well it would work with the stretch material).

What amazed me was the relative ease if the zip insertion. Who would've thought that it was that easy?!?

I had been warned not to take the pattern measurements too seriously and I must admit that I got a bit of a shock when I took my measurements and discovered that my hips were supposedly wider than the largest pattern size (gulp!). I decided to use the largest size but ended up taking the seams in considerably (phew!) Next time I can go down one if not two sizes.
Outfit as follows:
Wrap top- Bought in the Netherlands many years ago
Singlet- Also bought in the Netherlands many years ago
Boots (love them!) Guess what?!- bought in the Netherlands may years ago. At the time I didn't dare to admit how much they had cost me (even though I got them half price in a sale) BUT I have had so many years of wear out of them that I reckon they were worth every penny!
Skirt- made by MEEEE!!!

Now that my initial fear of patterns has passed, I think I might have to make another skirt for myself...

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  1. Your skirt looks fab! Love the colour!

    I hate pattern sizing!


  2. Well done you! Looks great! x

  3. That looks great on you, well done!

  4. clever!
    I'd love to be able to make my own clothes, bummer trying to sew drives me completely CRAZY haha ;)
    cool colour

  5. Ya for you - sewing for yourself is so satisfying. BTW pockets in stretch drill are easy and work chiffon on the other hand...

    Oh I love the colour combo you have used - thoroughly modern!

  6. Awesome Juliet! love the colour too!

  7. Whoop! Go you! You look awesome. Love the colour and the fit is great. I hate pattern size measurements they are SO wrong!! Well done - welcome to the world of DIY wardrobe!

  8. Looking absolutely fabulous there and YEAH well done you !! !! !!

  9. Fabulous classic skirt!!! Well done! I'm guessing you'll be hooked now...


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