Thursday, 8 March 2012


A wee while ago Miriam noted that my children have growing wardrobes due to the clothes that I have been making for them, but that I hadn't sewn any clothes for myself. She kindly offered to lend me some patterns so that I could remedy this situation. As my wardrobe is in a VERY sorry state, I gratefully accepted her offer.

I took the patterns home, got them out of the package, looked at them, became intimidated about following a pattern and cutting out the fabrics and promptly put the whole thing away. 

There is something about pattern pieces that scares me to bits, I don't know why! I mean I must be able to do it, surely
I can easily follow an online tutorial, but the minute I see the flimsy pattern lying in front of me, I freeze. 

I guess that the best thing to do is just conquer my fear and start cutting!

 Now, me and my big mouth, I have promised to take part in Wardrobe Wednesday this month and as the theme is "Heavenly Handmade" this gives me a deadline to work to.

Hopefully having written this post will spurn me into action and this time next week I will be proudly showing you a new skirt.

(...If there's no clothes to show then I'll have been working on my quilt... LOVING that new challenge!)


  1. I guess if the skirt isn't finished you could wrap the quilt around yourself! Seriously - hats off to you for all your homemade and crafty stuff - it's not a skill I have, and I envy you for it.

  2. Ooh, looking forwards to seeing what you make juliette. I'm totally intimidated by all too, but i totally wouldn't be if i had all your awesome sewing talent!

  3. Good luck! There are some great tutorials out there that take you through making something from a pattern that might give you some more confidence?

  4. You can do it! The hardest part is starting! And you will be pleasantly surprised at how accurate and easy it is to follow a real life pattern rather than tutorial! :)

  5. You can definitely do it :) Take the plunge (maybe with some cheap fabric for your first attempt so you don't worry about cutting it!)

  6. I am the opposite, I love patterns but the thought of a quilt is enough to make me hide in a corner! If you can make quilts patterns will be a breeze!!


  7. I am the same with making clothes for myself. I bought patterns with the best of intentions but so far I have not got a lot further.
    I have actually cut the pattern pieces out for one of them. Wow! Such progress! pfft

    Give me a quilt or a small project any day :)

  8. lol, I read that last line to say that if there is no skirt you will be wearing your quilt next Wednesday! There I was thinking I would definitely look back next week to see you wearing a quilt! Good luck


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