Friday, 9 March 2012

I'm Loving...

At the weekend, Rascal requested that we visit the museum. She had a huge list of things that she wanted to see there... the dinosaur (of course); the cheetah (we didn't know what she was talking about till we got there and discovered a stuffed cheetah sitting behind the dinosaur); the moa cave; the shoemaker; the dolls house and much more.

It was with pure joy that we discovered the highlight of our trip- a special room filled with Monarch butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalides. Rascal was so excited when one flew over and landed on her shoulder- she has been talking about it non-stop ever since. (I'm sorry to report that we stumbled across the last day of this exhibit so don't go rushing off to Christchurch museum hoping to see them- you'll be disappointed).

I loved how Rascal dragged us back again and again, each time deciding whether she just wanted to look or wanted to hold a butterfly. Such a great experience!

I'm also loving uncovering the mysteries of our garden. So far this year we have discovered three fruits that we didn't know we had! Cape goosberries; a yummy cross between a raspberry and boysenberry and this mystery fruit. Can anybody tell us what it is? They grow on a tree by the bunch.

Joining with Kristy of Paisley Jade as I so often do on a Friday. Hop over and see what everybody else is loving today...


  1. Fun outings! I know those fruit! we used to have them back home - gosh - will do some thinking to try to remember!

  2. Replies
    1. No they're not - should have looked it up before replying!

  3. Its a loquet (sp?) Say - *low-quit* they are sooo yummy! My parents have a tree in Tauranga!

    1. Thanks girls! Great to have another mystery solved- bloggers rock!

  4. Oh those loquet tress are such a hazard here in Sydney, the fruit bats sit in them and gorge themsleves on fruit then shxx all over my clothes line. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, check my blog for details! Hope you don't mind!


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