Friday, 23 March 2012

I'm Loving.. Steam trains!

Something that I am really enjoying at the moment is our weekly Sunday family outings. It is a pattern that we seem to have fallen into and one that all of us are really enjoying.

To Rascal, Sunday is synonymous with trips to the museum. She has become very at home in the museum and knows exactly what she wants to see each time that we go.

This week, however, we decided to try something new. We went to the Plains Railway. Rascal was initially disappointed that we weren't going to the museum and continually asked us to turn the car around on the way there, but once we arrived she was easily convinced and by the end of the day she was requesting to go back next week.

 Along the edge of the railway was a pioneer village consisting of various heritage building - a fire station, a printers, a church and a couple of shops to name but a few. These were fun to visit and explore, but the real highlight of the trip was our trips on the steam train (yes purchasing a ticket allows you to go on the train twice!).

Depending on the day that you visit, there are different trains to travel on, but when we were there we got to ride on a Rogers K 88 Steam train.

Rascal adored standing at the front of the carriage, holding on for dear life and repeating "I'M not scared! I'M not scared!"

I just loved the decor of the old train. The signs; the lights; the wrought iron details, the beautiful woodwork. So much to look at, inside and outside the train!

Such a great family day and one that we will definitely be repeating! Where do you like going for family outings?

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  1. Oh wow, That does look like fun! We used to go there and to Canterbury society model engineers, ( which is like heaps of 'mini' trains that you can you ride. Its in halswell domain I think. My little brother loved trains, So that's were we spent most of our time.

  2. Oh fun! my girls would love it! Fantastic way to spend family days x

  3. Trains are awesome, always go down well in this house too. Maybe something to put on the list for us to do if we ever get to Chch.

  4. Looks awesome LOVE that ticket photo - adorable!

  5. Wow, didn't even know that was there. Must remember for next time we are down that way.

  6. Oh that looks like such fun.

    We have been a bit slack with family outings lately. But we do like going to the farmers market and taking the kids to the wetlands to ride their bikes around the pond.

  7. How very wonderful - like stepping back in time. So many treasures. I know my children would love a place like that. We love family outings too.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day. Trains are so interesting and great fun! I took my two little ones to the miniture railway this afternoon and it was fantastic!
    PS So happy your package arrived. Pretty quick, I think:)

  9. I have such happy memories of steam train museums and rides at country fairs as a kid! Our family outings in the tropics are more nature based - the reef, rainforest and beaches! Always just fun to do things as a family - no matter what or where it is!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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