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Bubble and Squeak {and a giveaway}

*** This giveaway is now closed! ***

As you have possibly recognised by now, when it comes to childrens clothes, I like things that are fun, a bit funky and different. As such, I was immediately drawn to Bubble and Squeak children's clothes. Dee Crawford set out to create clothes that children would like to wear and judging from the fact that it is almost impossible to get Rascal out of her Bubble and Squeak outfit, I would say that she has succeeded!
My model was so excited by her new clothes that she wasn't really into modelling them for me!
I am pleased to report that Rascal isn't the only one who loves her Bubble and Squeak clothes. They are easy to care for, which is something that always keeps this mum very happy!

Another thing to love about Bubble and Squeak clothing is that there is little danger of your child wearing the same clothes as all their friends. There are only 50 made of each piece in each size, so your child can let their individuality shine!

I love all the attention to detail which has gone into the construction of the garments. Ever since I started making clothes for Rascal and Scallywag, I have become a lot more critical of the children's clothes that I buy. I don't want to bring them home and realise that I could probably have made something similar myself. As such, an attention to detail and finish is something that I look for. Just look at all the care that has gone into these beautiful clothes...

The pleats, the appliqué, the printing, the fun snail keychain which dangles down playfully. I can confidently say that these clothes are WAAAY out of my sewing league!

When choosing trousers for wee man, I was a bit unsure which size to go for. My general rule of thumb when ordering online, is to err on the side of caution- if in doubt go too big rather than too small. As such, I was really pleased to see that these promotional photos of the trousers clearly show that the bottoms can be rolled a long way up and they still look super cute.

Images from here
To me, it is the sign of a label which thinks of the needs of growing children. Combine the turn-ups with button elastic and you have a pair of trousers which can be worn for a long time!

Just look at my handsome wee man! Believe me, Scallywag will get A LOT of wear out of this outfit!
You can buy Bubble and Squeak clothes through their website or if you are in New Zealand and prefer to try clothes before you buy, get together with a group of friends and host a bubble and squeak party.

Please do check out Bubble and Squeak clothes as they are beautiful and at a very reasonable price (and to make matters even more attractive, they have an amazing sale on at the moment!).

... and guess what!?! I saved the best bit till last!

I've got a treat for one of my lovely readers. Dee has kindly offered to give one of you a $NZ50 voucher so that you can experience these beautiful clothes for yourself.

To be in to win, tell me your favourite Bubble and Squeak design, or what you look for when buying childrens clothes or just say hello.
You can leave your entry either here or on my facebook page.

For an extra entry, like Bubble and Squeak on facebook

This giveaway is open to everybody no matter where you live.
Entries close 5 pm on Monday 2nd April (NZ time)
A winner will be chosen at random shortly afterwards
I will make every effort to contact the winners, but if I do not hear back from them within 7 days, a new winner will be chosen.


  1. I love anything that my kids can get dirty as heck, but still cleans up well at the end of the day

  2. There are a few things I would love! Firstly I like the look of the full length pants (which would go with any top) and I love, love, love the jacket with contrasting collar. I also look for longevity in clothes especially during those growth spurts - I swear Elijah has grown over an inch in the last 6 weeks! Have liked Bubble & Squeak on Facebook :)

  3. I LOVE the Skirt with contrasting fabric trim. Just beautiful

  4. Oh my gosh - what beautiful clothes! Your kidlets look so sweet modelling them too!
    Popped over to the Bubble & Squeak website - I particularly love those linen skirts! Nice to see some lovely things for little boys too! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. I think the Skort is a awesome idea, it looks just like a lovely skirt. very impressed at how reasonable the prices are for such lovely clothes. :)

  6. Hello Juliet!
    Firstly, what a great review. You have mentioned some really important points. I too, dislike spending money on clothes that are poorly made. Only yesterday My mother purchased my big girl some funky coloured jeans but I had to restitch the buttons on the them in the elastic waist because they were so loose! ggrrrr!

    Anyway, the clothes all look very cute. I really like the basic girls cotton shorts. I like the long length and simple style and the little bit just adds that little bit of pretty. Nice to see kids dressing as kids, I think!

    1. oops that should say 'the little belt adds the bit of pretty'

  7. Oh, I couldn't go past the linen dress

  8. Wow! you know they actually are reasonably priced! (or I may have just been looking in the sale folder) Lovely clothes, you picked some good items to show off! :)


  9. Hello.
    I love the button elastic stuff on waistbands, and roll up trouser legs too. I also look for stuff that's hard wearing, otherwise it doesn't survive our family.
    Having said all that, I very rarely buy new clothes for my children. We try to live with hand-me-downs and thrift shops, but I do find it hard to find what I like and what the children like in the sizes I need.

  10. I love special details on clothes and I like clothes that aren't product adverts. I especially dislike clothing that has really 'off' things written on it. Love this giveaway - absolutely gorgeous clothes and nice to see cool things for boys too!!

  11. Gorgeous clothes! I have to admit that for me it's all about practicality. My daughter plays in such a way that she's always dirty, so the clothes have to be easy to care for.
    THank you for such a great giveaway!

  12. oooh, lovely! i really like the boys contrast jacket.
    have never heard of this company before, thanks.


  13. Thanks for calling attention to this great brand! Cool clothes, and the prices are pretty reasonable too!
    I love the asymmetrical sweatshirt top.

  14. She looks very cute in her outfit and Wee man looks adorable and his getup! Love the bubble skirt and strappy t! very cute clothes

  15. I love the boys hooded sweatshirt, actually I love most of the boys clothes - refreshingly different!

  16. What awesome clothes! They are gorgeous! Love love love the bell sleeved jacket and skort, along with heaps of other items! Thanks for the introduction - your little ones look gorgeous in their new gear! xx

  17. I love the wee grey layered skort with tights! so cute!

  18. Wow - really original designs and coupled with all the great points you mention, I'm definitely going there the next time I can afford to buy clothes.

    I loved the asymmetric sweatshirt and the oriental pants so much - can't decide between the two :)

  19. Aww - so many awesome items.

    My pet hate in clothing is it being really tight - especially for toddlers as I just don't think it looks right, So many brands now only make tight fitting tops etc.

  20. Those little girl clothes were adorable. When looking for my daughter's clothes I look for pieces that can be mixed and matched for many different outfits and for things that will not stain easily (no white).

    I am a new follower to your blog.


  21. Fab giveaway :-) I LOVE the hooded sweatshirt in the boys winter collection - it's gorgeous. In fact, there's lots of lovely items!

    I've just liked Bubble and Squeak on Facebook too so please add me in for a 2nd entry :-)

  22. I love the pink layered strappy sundress and every time I see Bubble and Squeak I keep wanting to buy it...

  23. just snuck in! they are lovely clothes- I look for warmth and comfort this time of year :)

  24. Don't think I made it but just love these clothes.


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