Wednesday, 29 February 2012

W.I.P. Wednesday

Look what arrived in the post! The first of the blocks for the Modern Sampler Bee. Thank you so much Leonie. I have been eyeing up all the hexies that have been appearing on the internet recently so its great to have some on my quilt.
As I have finally started my own block for the Bee, and this my very first full sized quilt, I thought I'd start reporting on my progress every now and then. Because lets face it, it's probably going to take me quite a while to finish this project!

At this stage I have no idea how big the quilt is going to be. I am taking the attitude that I'll see how far I get and when I run out of fabric and inspiration!

I guess I'll just learn on the job.

And there is a lot of learning to do! 

This quilt is proving to be a very steep learning curve! 

The first thing that I learnt is to check fabric shops before choosing the colours of your quilt. When choosing my fabrics, I went on a huge online search and became really inspired by blocks using the colours aqua, tangerine. I told the girls in the bee to use these colours before I actually had a look at the fabrics that were on offer in New Zealand. BIG MISTAKE! Could I find the sort of fabrics that I was after? No!

This failure led me to lose momentum on the project. I dutifully made everyone else's blocks but couldn't quite get round to starting my own. Then the other day, I came across some Heather Ross fabrics from Stitchbird fabrics in the right colours and decided it was time to make a decision and commit to some fabrics.

I have to admit that the block that I am making is NOTHING like the blocks that I envisioned, BUT I'm loving it!
Not yet finished, but you get the idea!
Second mistake was not to trust my own instincts. When I chose the fabrics I was unsure as to the background to use. As I am useless at looking after whites, I decided on light grey.  After about a day I regretted this choice and wondered whether I should change to slate grey. I ummmed and ahhhed but didn't change my colours.

When I sat down to work on my own block today I realised that it wouldn't really work with a light grey background. I changed it up and used a slate grey background- much better!

But don't worry fellow bee members, I am not going to discard your blocks. I am now actually really happy that I didn't change my colours, I am really excited by the idea of a checker board quilt with two colours of grey backgrounds.

I just love how projects like this evolve, don't you?!

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  1. ohh the hexie flower is adorable, love it!

  2. Whoohoo! go you go you! Love your block! And I have slate grey!!! Next time you tell us ;) Cant wait to see how the whole thing shapes up!

  3. Your block looks lovely, the slate grey really sets off the other colours. I find it hard too to visualise the fabrics together, especially when internet shopping!

  4. Love the hexie block.
    Your block looks really great with the slate grey.

  5. Wow I really like those colours! Looks great!

  6. Glad you didn't change your colours - it's such a gorgeous combination :) I love the block you're making, those curves are very impressive (I can't even sew a straight line!)

  7. I love your unicorn block and I think the slate grey is perfect:)

  8. wow look at you go clever clogs! Can I continue to take credit for your quilting ;P
    LOL joking. So happy to see you growing so quickly and loving it.

  9. I love the hexies! I just taught myself how to make these and have a project almost completed. I'm happy to realize they are not too difficult to make.

  10. Your blocks look awesome! The hexie flower is cute and I love the unicorn in the center. It's awesome how projects just come together on their own.

  11. That is a great quilt block! Love the darker gray... it really makes those fabrics pop.
    ~Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva

  12. The unicorn in the center of that block is awesome and adorable! Fun to meet you via WiP!!

  13. I've cut but not sewn together - shall I change from ash to slate?
    I LOVE your colours


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