Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday

There's a blogging event that takes place every week called Wardrobe Wednesday. The idea is to get away from the drudgery of every day jeans and t-shirts and make a bit of an effort.

I foolishly promised to take part and I am not being allowed to forget it, so here is my first (and possibly only) offering for Wardrobe Wednesday.

Now every month there is a theme to Wardrobe Wednesday and this month its "love to love", which is pretty appropriate for this dress.
Photo credits go to Miriam
  • It was originally bought 11 years ago in a boutique style shop in Amsterdam's Kalverstraat for my cousin's wedding (a celebration of love). 
  • At the time I was a doc martins and purple combat trouser wearing archaeologist, so it was VERY different from my day to day style, but I loved that it was a fitted dress which was made for my figure (i.e. for someone with both hips and a waist). 
  • I love that 11 years and two children later it STILL fits and flatters!
  • I also just love the embroidery and sequin detail around the bottom of the skirt

I accessorised with my favourite Ola Gorie silver earrings and pendant, Which are based on a design from the Book of Kells

I must admit that this dress is one of those dresses which has hung in my wardrobe and has only been worn on a handful of dressy occasions.

When choosing what to wear for our bloggy Valentines baking swap yesterday (more on that soon), Rascal told me that I HAD to wear a dress as she was wearing a dress. On a whim, I decided to get this out and match it with a shrug/ bolero (which was bought on sale from Steps 4 years ago for another wedding).
Ha Ha! Hamming it up with the auto timer and trying not to laugh!
I think it might be time to show this dress some love by wearing it more often... what do you think?
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  1. it looks fab! love the cute bolero too :)

  2. Welcome to Wardrobe Wednesday!! :) You know I love that dress - nice to see you yesterday. x

  3. Looking good! Love the way it works with the bolero too!

  4. Wardrobe Wednesday... I like it and will make an effort myself today!

  5. Fabulous dress - you should wear it lots!

    I'm going to look out some of my more 'dressy' items in my wardrobe now - thanks! :)

  6. You look great! And like you I'm also trying tp wear some of my more dressy items in my day to day wear. Jenny :)

  7. LOVE your dress! It looks fantastic!

  8. I love the embroidery details! You look amazing!

  9. That was a lovely dress, really suits you.

  10. Looks great! lovely details and i especially love the blue of that bolero!


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