Monday, 27 February 2012

Toddler Busy Bags

A while ago, I remember reading a really great blog post about toddler busy bags. These are small bags carrying portable activities that are self-contained; transportable; convenient; inexpensive; easy to make and reusable. They are easy to throw in your handbag and take with you for those times when you are out and about and need to keep your child occupied.

At the time I loved the idea, but knew that Rascal was too young for it... Of course, I forgot to bookmark the post (duh!). 

Recently I have found myself thinking of it more and more, I mean the idea of being so prepared is great isn't it?!

 I decided to do what I usually do in these cases and turned to the internet. 

It didn't take long for me to find this great blog post and become totally inspired.

Bear with me as I dream up things to put in my busy bags. In the meantime, here are a couple of bags that I have made to carry the activities.

This one was made using this tutorial.

This one was inspired by this tutorial, but I ended up improvising my way to something completely different.

I am still experimenting with designs and reckon its no bad thing to have a variety of different styles and sizes. I intend to make quite a few more.

Once the bags are made, I'll have to decide what to put in them. Have you done anything like this? What activities did you come up with? Was it a success with your child? I'd love to hear your experiences.

I was thinking that I might make this a regular feature on my blog for a while. If you feel like joining me in creating busy bags, feel free! Please come back and share your ideas.

Lets inspire each other!


  1. very good idea, always great to be prepared

  2. These are a great idea! How did you find sewing with vinyl? It always sticks like crazy for me even when I use scotch tape.

  3. a friend of mine was talking about these the other day -she called them busy bags I think and had started writing a list of ideas- i'll have to get it off her and share as they sounded really cool. look forward to seeing your bag ideas!

  4. Oh I love them! ;) Mine are mainly for tidying away all the collections of small toys! Everything from lacing beads, lego, colouring pencils and sheets, to collection of little plastic animals. They're great!

  5. What a great idea....i have been doing something similar with bags in the car for the twins...nap time is over but shall be back to share ideas!!
    Yours look great!

  6. Great idea. I didn't make a grab bag for my daughter but I did make some felt finger puppets for my nephews. I made some fish and a shark and they played a lot with them.

  7. Sounds like an awesome idea - I've been collecting ideas for this sort of thing on Pinterest for a while and hoping to put a few bags together for when we fly with our toddler to the UK.
    Love the idea of a swap of some kind like the post you linked to as well :-)

  8. Great idea. I went to Pinterest and found a heap of ideas on boards titled busy bags. They range in age from toddler to school aged but some look great.
    I am always looking for ideas for my two and friends children. I also donate our old ones that we are tired off/grown out of to the local children's hospital. As long as they are clean they give them to kids who have to sit in bed for long periods.


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