Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Pay it Forward 2011

You may remember that last year I busily sent off 5 little packages for pay it forward 2011. Well my own pay it forward gift has finally arrived from Felicity in Australia- and it was worth the wait!

A gorgeous little notebook just for me. Although I LOVE notebooks like this, I am one of those terrible people who is scared to write in them and spoil them. 

This notebook deserves to be used though so I am going to use it as a grateful diary, writing down three things that I am grateful for each day.
Accompanying the notebook was this little bowl of goodies.
Inside I found beautifully decorated discs. On one side was my name.
On the other side was noughts and crosses 
or hugs and kisses-
however you choose to interpret them.
I loved the idea of noughts and crosses and immediately thought of a scrap of fabric that I have which coordinated beautifully with the discs.

I improvised myself a little quilted noughts and crosses board.
The edges are a bit rough and ready, but it will serve its purpose perfectly.
 Thank you so much Felicity for a kind and thoughtful gift.
Now... Anybody want a game?


  1. just a gorgeous little note book !! im the same i NEVER write in them but i also have few art journals that i dont write in either except one i write 3 things im grateful for when i remember .

  2. cute. I so get you on not using nice notebooks! It's a disease

  3. Oh I love the little wooden discs, what a brilliant idea to make as a gift!

  4. I love that you just quickly created a gorgeous (and matching) noughts and crosses board! It's one of the things I adore about crafty people - the ability to see a need and create something to fill it :)

    I am the same about notebooks, I love them but hate to mess them up!

  5. What a gorgeous gift and so beautifully personalised. Love it!


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