Friday, 17 February 2012

I'm Loving... the Valentine Baking Swap

 By now you should've worked out that we Christchurch bloggers love nothing better than an excuse to get together for some yummy baking and a chat, so when a valentines baking swap was suggested we jumped at the chance.

The rules:
Bring 1/2 a plate of baking to share at the get together
Bring 1/2 a plate of baking for your swap partner to take home (we were encouraged to get creative with presentation)

I think I was the luckiest girl of all- Just look what I took home!
The text along the top says "I have a secret blog crush on you!

The attention to detail is amazing with a heart shaped St Andrews Cross to make this tartankiwi feel at home!

And inside the box...
The most delicious cupcakes!!! They tasted as good as they look, and no, they didn't last long!!

Thanks Kirsty! You're a star!Oops! Not so secret any more hee hee!

I made a Chocolate Orange Cake with white chocolate hearts on top for my swap partner. I am glad to say that it didn't sink in the middle this time, but I must admit that it was moister and yummier last time round...
This is the half that we ate, the other half was SLIGHTLY better presented!

I suspect that the Christchurch bloggers may need to take a lesson in photography from the Whangarei bloggers, because although Miriam and I remembered to take photos of the food on the table, I'm not sure if anyone took photos of the get together or  pretty swap gifts (oops!)

Its always fun to get together with these lovely ladies and we love that new people are joining us all the time. I'm so grateful for the friendship and support of these wonderful and creative ladies!

Joining with Paisley Jade.


  1. What an awesome idea! Other people's baking always tastes so much better than your own :)

  2. such a lovely idea. and what a beautiful box for you- so thoughtful putting the st andrews cross on there! bet your family love that you are a blogger when you bring home treats like that!

  3. Oh Yummo! And what a great group you all are!

  4. I'd just like to state trhat Juliet is just as fine a cook as crafter-her chocolate orange cake was scrumptious! Thanks mate x

  5. I ate rather a lot of that orange cake too it must be said!

  6. YUM! And want an awesome idea for a swap.

  7. Glad you liked it! I found the recipe card in the car afterwards! Yes it has been that kind of week! I so loved the swap though! Need to post about it soon!

  8. I will be there next time! We should do an evening one sometime :)

  9. Sorry I couldn't it. An evening one sounds great - I'm not much of a baker though, but would love a catch up.

  10. Looks delicious!

  11. Loved seeing you again at the swap! You're always such a great encouragement to me! Hope you're having a great week...


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