Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BMWB- Tartankiwi Style!

I have been really enjoying following the inspirational Miriam's "Becoming the Mama you want to be" (B.M.W.B.) series. I find that her posts and the intention behind them are never far from my thoughts and in those moments when I am on the verge of fobbing Rascal off with another "not now" or "later", these posts pop into my mind and make me rethink my words and actions.

The little voice at the back of my head saying "BMWB" has led to me enjoying many hours of building lego houses and sandcastles. It has encouraged me to get creative and be intentional in my parenting I thought I'd share with you one of these activities.

Today I had planned to take Rascal and Scallywag to the library for Toddlertime, but poor wee Scallywag just wasn't up for it. He has 4 teeth on the verge of pushing through (2 canines and 2 molars) and this was making him uncharacteristically upset.

I put him to bed and decided it was time to have some quality time with Rascal- some painting was required!

First we used squashed toilet rolls as heart shaped stamps (inspiration from here)
The tools of our trade!
Then we moved on to using cookie cutters and various other play doh tools as stamps (inspiration from here)
Various different kinds of stamps were used here
Then Rascal did some hand printing (an essential activity any time that we have paints out)

Finally we painted the last of the salt dough ornaments that we made way back here. I have a vague plan to turn these into magnets (inspiration here)

Such a fun morning and a great way to encourage creativity. I love how painting with Rascal never quite turns out the way I envision it, but we have lots more fun if we do it her way!

What fun activities have you been up to with your children recently?


  1. Awesome. Love the stamping idea and very encouraged and inspired! Thanks for joining in it makes me feel all emotional!

  2. Lovely! Know what you mean. I'm up to my eyeballs with work and the beach house at the mo and I just had to sit down with Rowan this morning and play with the blocks. I felt so great afterwards my work wa finished in a flash whilst he was sleeping.

  3. Great post, I am enjoying the BMWB series too - very encouraging and it always seems to come at the right time just like this post!
    Time for some more crafting. I now have a stash of old paper and craft supplies in the hallway cupboard and I think they will come out tomorrow again.


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