Thursday, 9 February 2012

3x6 Modern Bee Blocks

Who said that sewing curves in quilt blocks was for the experts?
Bah humbug! That's what I say!

Just look how well these bee blocks turned out! All but one have reached their new owners and they were all very well received.

Here are the blocks that I made- isn't it amazing how different they can look as a result of fabric and colour choices!

Cat asked for pink and aqua on a white background:

Nin asked for Mustard, Honeysuckle and Grey on a natural linen or cream background.
I had two attempts at Nin's block. The block below is my first attempt. I felt that I had not made the best of some of the fabrics and they didn't quite sing as much as I wanted them to. After checking with Nin, I had a second attempt using the grey as the background and am glad that I did. I think it adds a lot more contrast and drama- don't you!

I offered Nin both blocks and she gladly took them, so I guess my first attempt wasn't too bad!

Laura asked for light blue and pink on a white background with floral and polkadot designs

Leonie asked for pink, yellow, green and blue on a white background

Lisa asked for pink, red and aqua on a grey background.

The central part of the block was done using this pattern and then I improvised the border.
I have to say a huge big thank you to Kat, Cat and Kirsty for helping me scrimp together the fabrics to make these...Without their help I seriously don't know how some of these blocks would've been made!

I DEFINITELY learnt a lot while I was sewing these. About combining fabrics and piecing and sewing curves and much much more. I've still got a lot to learn about quilting, and I will admit that there are a few wee wonky bits here and there, but all in all I was very happy (and more than a little bit proud) to send these blocks off to their new homes.

The observant among you will notice that this is a 3 x 6 bee and I have only shown you five blocks. I must admit that I am still dithering about which fabrics to use for my own block, so I'll show you that at the end (hopefully!) when the others arrive.

Now... when's the next round!?!


  1. WOW awesome awesome blocks and I LOVE Nin's 2nd block (grey background) !! !! !!

  2. They're lovely! Well done.

  3. They are awesome! I have never attempted to sewing a quilt with curves. I think I make made that one of my goals for the year!

    I can't narrow down a favourite. They are all stunning.

  4. Wow! fabulous blocks! I love the curves and the fabrics you've picked are beautiful.

  5. Lovely blocks, very impressed with the curves. I love how doddery they all look with the different fabrics.

  6. Wow - you never do things by halves do you??? A.M..Z.I.N.G!

  7. Nothing short of hugely talented - all gorgeous and love them all. I really have to get started on mine... Looking forward to seeing how your one looks!

  8. Love your work! These block all look so harmonious.

  9. Wow, these are exiting blogs! Beautiful and I don't think I have seen them before!
    x Teje

  10. These are gorgeous, I have GOT to learn to quilt!

  11. These are amazing. I love how the grey backgrounds make the other fabrics pop.

  12. I love your selection of fabrics in these blocks. Thanks for linking up at Thriving on Thursdays.

    Anne @ Domesblissity

  13. ok I did read this and I actually thought I'd made comment, but perhaps I was on my phone at the time and meant to go back to.
    Anyway FAB job on the curves! You are becomming a pro :)


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