Monday, 30 January 2012

Shorts for Mr Tartankiwi

Anybody else have a husband who desperately needs new clothes but despises clothes shopping?

I have found a solution that keeps everybody happy!- Make them!

I am happy because I can dare to be seen with my husband and as the fabric was bought on sale the price was very agreeable.

He is happy because he has new clothes without ever having set foot in a clothes shop! The only thing that he is not so happy about is the trade off that he has to model his new shorts on my blog (hee hee- its only fair isn't it!)
Can you tell that he's worn them quite a bit since I made them in early January?
I used his old shorts as a template. I adapted this technique (again) to make the large deep cargo style pocket and altered the dimensions of this pocket to create the other pocket.

I also took various notions off his old shorts and re-used them for these shorts. It really is the small details which make all the difference to homemade clothes!

The verdict-

Mr Tartankiwi is really happy and has worn them a lot so far.

I am critical as ever and think there are a few improvements that I would make next time round:
  • Alter my pattern and put seams down the outside of the leg next time so that I can do a different style of pocket and therefore add more pockets.
  • Alter the pattern so that there is more fabric at the back than the front.
  • Place the tartankiwi label behind the pocket instead of in the front.
  • Ahem!- try not to have the fabric inside-out next time.
  • Ahem!- Don't use the quick unpick quite so much next time and if I have to use it, be sure not to damage the fabric- Grrr!
Some of these are nit picking, others are real flaws, but all in all I'd say a good first try, but could do better next time!


  1. They look Amazing J. You should really be proud of yourself! And well done for getting Mr T-K to model for you, I expect that was no small feat in all LOL

  2. wow they look awesome! love your tartan kiwi label too. (and it would be like pulling teeth to get my hubby to model anything I made hehe)

  3. Well done they look fantastic - I am in awe

  4. Wow! You are truly inspiring! What a great idea to use the notions from the old ones too!

  5. They look great! Well done.

  6. Very very well done my dear - gosh you are fearless with your sewing skills...or is that fierce?

  7. Seriously? Shorts for the hubs? You are a hero- well done, they look amazing!

  8. Nice work! And all the detail is brill! My husband would definately go a pair like that, he has the legs to match....pins!

  9. thanks for leaving your lovely commen, hope you wnet over to the Beeetle Shack and entered the giveaway!

  10. Awesome sewing making these without a pattern!!! I'm so impressed. And a smart idea to transfer notions from old shorts. A fair trade off, Mr Tartankiwi... I suspect he'll model again if you sew for him again... LOL!!!

  11. I'm so impressed with these, and without a pattern! Fantastic job!

  12. Hi, I've featured your Mens shorts today...


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