Friday, 27 January 2012

I'm Loving...

Its been a momentous week for Scallywag! 
Our wee man took his first unsupported steps on Saturday and has been testing out his new found skill ever since.

Sometimes he only manages a single step before throwing himself on his tummy, then rolling over, kicking his feet up in the air and giggling.

Other times he manages to string together 5 or 6 steps.

I'm loving that his biggest cheerleader is his big sister. When she sees him taking a few steps, all you hear are excited squeals and an excited "Mummy, {Scallywag} is walking. Good Boy {Scallywag}!... Oh dear! Do it again, do it again!"
I don't have any actual photos of him walking yet, so this one will have to do...
Why not pop over here and see what other people are loving?


  1. Go Scallywag! That's awesome; love how excited his big sis is :)

  2. WOWW!! Exciting for everyone!! x

  3. He's so cute - go scallywag!

  4. That is so cute. It's such an exciting time, Rowan is teetering on the edge of taking his first steps, we all hold our breath and then plop, he sits. So we wait, he must walk soon! How old is scallywag?

  5. How exciting! My Little Miss is beginning to crawl but gets a bit beached on her big belly. Lol. Scallywag is so cute <3


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