Friday, 20 January 2012

I'm Loving...

... Paddling pools in the garden.
We've been a bit slow off the mark this year getting the paddling pool out, but Wee Man was in absolutely no doubt what to do. He scrambled straight in and had a ball.

Its great watching Rascal and Wee Man having fun outside and enjoying playing together - long may it continue! Oh and its also fun getting in there and splashing everyone- Ba ha ha ha!

Wee Man believes that hats are a personal insult! I'm amazed that he let Rascal keep hers on! His is floating about in the water somewhere *sigh!*
Also loving the excitement of upcoming swaps- have you signed up for the scrap bag swap? There's still time!
Scrap Bag Swap 2012 at

Loving thinking of a new blog name for Wee Man. Mr Tartankiwi tells me that its time for a change as Wee Man is definitely not "wee" any more... come to think of it he never really was!

Any suggestions? 
So far, possibilities include:
  • Wriggles - in reference to his heartfelt belief that lying quietly on your back on the change mat is for lightweights!
  • Scallywag - Rascal and Scallywag has a nice ring don't you think!
  • Smiler- He is such a happy wee boy, that this would definitely fit well.
And finally loving playing around with ideas for the Modern Sampler Bee. These have been made up with random fabrics from my stash, nobody's particular colours. I'm still not brave enough to practise with "real" fabrics! Slowly getting better, but still no decisions on the final design...

I'm joining in with Paisley Jade as usual on a Friday, why not hop over and see what other people are loving?


  1. I love scallywag - since I have had the pleasure of witnessing his smile I think that suits him! Love what you're doing with the blocks - looks like you've nailed it with the third one :)

  2. You are not that late with the paddling pool, we haven't exactly had the best weather for them up till now! I like the sound of scallywag, as you said, goes well with rascal.

  3. Hi! Visiting from Paisley Jade's link up.
    I looove that 3rd block you made! I would totally love a quilt made of that!

  4. What a great paddling pool! Cool fun. Lovely list <3

  5. Hope you are enjlying the paddling pool as much as we are. The neighbours must think we are even crazier than the ever imagined as the sailor and i are alwys sitting in Rowan pool,even though we have a big in ground pool. Its cosier in the inflaable. Ilove the pics of the two little one, Hi cluadie!

  6. wow they look awesome! I think scallywag does work well with rascal. My other suggestion would be 'chill' you know because he is so chiiled or 'crusey' for the same reason. Rascal and Chill sound good together too, no?

  7. Scallywags (I think he will grow out of Wriggles too!) and I love the middle block! Have a good weekend!

  8. That is the cutest paddling pool ever!!


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