Friday, 13 January 2012

I'm Loving...

Ummmm yes...

It IS a photo of the floor.
I know, I know... the carpet is not particularly stunning.
It has been hoovered, but could probably be cleaner (hey we have 2 young children, what do you expect!)

So why am I loving it you might ask?


There are no toys cluttering the place and there haven't been since the beginning of the year. I can walk to the other side of the room without being in danger of impaling myself on a painful piece of duplo or any other equally painful toys.

I finally got sick and tired of all the clutter in our living room and had a major tidy.

I got rid of all those annoying toys which are always out, but never played with (you know the ones, surely).

I bought lots of big plastic boxes (not the prettiest, but these are sturdy and that was my number one priority) and I sorted the toys that we kept.

With the help of photoshop, I made labels for the boxes (pictures and writing so that everyone can understand) and I introduced the rule that only toys from one box can be played with at a time.

So far we are successfully keeping up with the clutter. The small amount that is created is easy to handle and its no effort to stop and put it away. I am also finding that because the floor is clear, hoovering is a quicker easier chore, so the place is cleaner. It really is a win win situation for everyone.

I'll be honest, I don't expect it to last forever, but I'm really really enjoying the feeling that people can come and visit and I wouldn't be ashamed to let them in the door without tidying for at least an hour beforehand!

Sorry for being so tragic and becoming so excited about plastic boxes! I am absolutely not a neat freak, but every now and then clutter levels get to a stage that they annoy even me! It feels great to start the new year with a clear out and an uncluttered living space.

How do you organise your childrens' toys? Do you have a system? Does it work? Did you start the year with a clear out too?

I'm joining in with Paisley Jade. Hop over and see what other people are loving today- hey it can ONLY be more exciting than this post ;-)


  1. That does look so organised! We have buckets for the boys toys- lego/ duplo / Thomas trains/ little people/ cars/ soft toys/ play doh/ coloring books. I find that taking 70% off the toys away and only having 2-3 possible buckets out and of course a shelf full of books means they actually play with it- not just tip it all out. Then it makes it easy for the boys to tidy it up and we have a rule that if you want something else out eg. games/puzzles you need to pick up what you were playing with (ages 3 1/2 and nearly 5)and when they get bored of it - bring in another bucket of toys.

  2. Well done!!! I totally understand your excitement.
    Fab idea with the boxes.

  3. Very nice, I love organizing! We have a small shelving unit with plastic bins in the lounge. Riley doesn't play with much so he has his absolute faves in the lounge and the rest are kept in his room. Since we're moving in 3 weeks I am in the process of decluttering/organizing the whole house and boy does it feel good. I'm a hoarder by nature so I'm forcing myself to be really ruthless.

  4. I'd love to be a bit more organised, but plastic boxes cost so much!

  5. must be the time of year to organise :)
    I have been on a very similar mission.
    Your storage and shelving is looking great and very organised.
    Enjoy the feeling of a organised and tidy house.

  6. There's nothing that I love more the organising. Good job you. Your photos of organisation make my heart smile. <3

  7. Ditto, this week, toys not played with gone to the salvos, small boxes with photos of toys on the outside. All stowed away under the stairway. My plan is to rotate the boxes every two days or so. Your room is looking super neat, you must feel great!

  8. That space looks great...we are still in holiday mode so no such clean floors around here...but I am liking your style. x

  9. Well done you!! I'm about halfway between entire chaos and where you've arrived and I must say, it makes it loads easier to tidy up!

  10. That floor does look lovely!! Fab idea!

  11. That looks fantastic! Our organisational system is much more chaotic than that; the boys toys go in the conservatory and often there is no clear path through that room. It's on my to-do list for this year.

  12. Yay I can comment!
    Also love the organisation and labels for everything.... just did a major clean up yesterday in the boys room... man that was messy! Today its the spare room! Mind you my reason is because of the impending move... I should definately do it more often, since the boys have already pulled out the lego this morning which they haven't done for a number of months!


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