Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Ha Ha, You All Warned me!!!

Remember back here when I sewed my first quilt block?

You all warned me that it wouldn't be the last block that I sew, and you were right!

I have signed up to do my very first quilting bee. Its pretty exciting really! There are lots of decisions to make- 

What fabric to use? 
What block to sew? 
Do I do something simple that I know I can execute well or do I challenge myself and try something a bit more difficult?

Hmmm, decisions decisions!

One of the best things about the bee is the great group of girls who are taking part:

Cat of Catalina's Cottage
Laura of Give a Hoot
Leonie of Sunshine x 3
Nin of The Wardrobe
Lisa of My Little Creative Wonderland

I can't wait to see what everybody come up with!


  1. tee hee I'm sew glad you decided to join - it will be fun - and there is going to be a round two ::))

  2. yay im really excited ive worked out my block now waiting on fabric ive already started cutting..Fun Fun.


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