Thursday, 12 January 2012

Funky Trousers for Rascal

As I watched Rascal run around in her new blue floral pinafore during our trip to Akaroa, I just could not shake the idea that its fabric would make a great pair of trousers for her!

Luckily there was lots of fabric left so I started work as soon as we got home.

I used this pattern and added pockets using a combination of this technique and this pattern.

 I LOVE them (as does Rascal), especially when paired with a nice plain brightly coloured top!

I must admit that I am becoming a bit addicted to that feeling of satisfaction that I get seeing my child wearing clothes that I made! Shame that Rascal and Wee Man's wardrobes are pretty well stocked at the moment, I might just have to move onto making clothes for me or Mr Tartankiwi!

I am also beginning to find clothes shopping a different experience as I look at things and think "I could make that!".

Do you enjoy making clothes for your children? Can you recommend any patterns? What should I try next?
Action photo!

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  1. They look great! I don't make clothes for Riley. I have tried a few times but it would appear that I just can't make trousers/shorts. Even when I use patterns they still don't work so I've given it a rest for now. I have a few friends due to have their babies soon and I'm hoping that at least one of them has a little girl so I can sew some cute girly clothes.

  2. well done, they look so cool. Good on you for continuing to create lovelies for your children

  3. Oooh they look fabulous!! Well done you. So bright and colourful, and definitely not the 'generic' stuff you see in stores for kids. Might try that pattern!

    I love finding old vintage patterns for kiddies, the sizing and instructions are a bit hit and miss with things like the old Plunket Layette (one size, instructions were a single paragraph!) but some of the girl bits are just adorable!

    1. Thanks Shorty, I think you're right... I'm going to have to be brave and try following an actual pattern not just online tutorials!

  4. These are so awesome and better yet so inspiring! Makes me want to get sewing right now! Also makes me wish I had a girl to sew pretty things for or nicer boy fabric! The search is on!

  5. very cool. Just now getting my head around boys' clothes after sewing for girls for years. So am interested to see what makes trousers and shorts special.

  6. Lovely - I haven't been game enough to try pants for my girls yet. Very cool

  7. Oh, well done! The print reminds me: when my son was about nine, he was taken with a love for "beach pants," and had me teach him how to make them. He then made several pair and a shirt out of his favorite old sheets. Thanks for taking me back there. Love what you did.

  8. haha, so weird....I have that exact same material - it's been in my box for way to long, and my daughter has the same blue top as your daughter too!...feeling inspired to turn that material into a pair of pants now!


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