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Doll's Nappy (Diaper) Tutorial

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Something that I am really keen to do this year is to write some tutorials for this blog. As you know, I normally give credit for my makings to some website or other, but every now and then I strike out and create my own pattern.
A while back, when I made a dolls nappy for Rascal, I found several doll's nappy tutorials but they were all for dolls of a specific size. I thought I would write a tutorial with instructions on how to make a nappy tailored to your doll's exact dimensions, because lets face it, not every doll is the same size.

To make a doll's nappy you will need:

  • A scrap of fabric which will be the outer for the nappy (quilting cotton, flannel or a leftover scrap of fabric that you have used to make some clothes for your daughter would both be great)
  • A scrap of fabric the same size for the nappy inner (You could use microfleece, flannel, towelling or whatever takes your fancy)
  • Velcro

  • Start by measuring your doll
    Measurement 1 is the doll's waist- My doll's waist is 11 inches
    Measurement 2 is taken between the legs is the height that you want the nappy at the front to the back. For my doll this measurement is 8 inches.
    Draw a Template for your Nappy

    For the back wings of the nappy use measurement 1- My doll has a waist measurement of 11 inches

    For the front wings of the nappy, use 1/2 of measurement 1-For my nappy this is roughly 5.5 inches.

    For the height of the nappy use measurement 2- My Doll has a height measurement of 8 inches.

    (See diagram for verification)
    Halfway down the height comes the narrowest part of the nappy. Remember that most dolls don't have that much room between their legs so you don't want too much bulky fabric there. My nappies are only about 2.5 inches wide between the legs.

    Now that you have measured all these points, its a question of joining the dots.

    Here is a downloadable version of my template. Feel free to use it or to alter it to fit your particular doll.

    Note: I did not add any extra seam allowances this time that I made the nappy, but the previous times I did. Both nappies fit the dolls just fine. I tell you this to illustrate that you don't have to be totally accurate in your measuring! That said, I think I prefer the extra width of the wings which results from adding seam allowances.
    All seams in this tutorial are 1/4 inch.

    And Now to Sew

    Tip: if you are unsure of your measurements don't use your good fabric for your first attempt.

    Cut out one piece of outer fabric using your template
    Cut out one piece of inner fabric using your template

    Place the two pieces right sides together

    Sew around the the edges being careful to leave a gap a 2-3 inches wide through which you can turn the nappy right way out.

    Clip and notch the edges, being careful not to cut through your seams.

    Turn the nappy the right way out and top stitch round the edges

    Sew a strip of the loops part of the velcro to the outside of the front wings of the nappy.

    Sew a square of the hooks part of the velcro to the inside of both of the back wings of the nappy.

    Ta da, your nappy is complete! Stand back and admire your handiwork!

    If anything is unclear, please don't hesitate to ask.

    If anybody has a go at making one of these, I'd love to hear how you get on.
    Good luck!
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    1. Great tutes J. Hannah would love me to make her some of these I'm sure. Ack another job for the list...

    2. How sweet it is.. Thank You for sharing-- every little girl will want one for her doll!!
      Cheers from Bangalore, India

    3. this is so cute! i will have to send this post as a link to my sister, her little boy is into his doll since he found out he's going to be a big brother soon. i'll actually start following your blog, seems like you've got some cool projects going on i don't want to miss!

    4. Perfect to go with the doll's dress tutorial!!! Thanks for sharing. I'm pinning this one also...

    5. I've made a couple for my daughter, thank you so much, such an easy to follow tutorial and so easy for little hands to use. If you want to see one it is at the bottom of the below post :-)

    6. Hi

      I can't see any conditions for using your patterns/tutorials - is it permitted for home sewists to make them to sell in small quantities (with attribution of course)?


    7. Hi Rosie,
      Yes its fine for home sewists to make small quantities as long as they credit the pattern to me :-)


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