Friday, 16 December 2011

What I made...the Santa Sack Swap

I won't bore you ALL with the details of what I made for Cat's santa sack (you've seen some of them already- hee hee!), but I thought I'd share a couple of the things that I am most proud of.

Firstly, there is the sack itself. Cat loves pink and apple green and red. She loves shabby chic floral fabric and I checked, she loves these thing at Christmas time too! Now traditionally I am not a particularly pink and girly kind of a gal (I lived in purple combat trousers and DM boots for most of my twenties), so initially I was a bit stumped as to what to make for Cat, but after buying a set of Tanya Whelan fabrics and embracing my inner girlie, the inspiration began to flow.

Here is the sack that I made for her. The elf embroideries were done using
this free pattern.- I love how they turned out!

I sent her a few of the embroidered napkins that I blogged about a wee while ago, and made a table runner to match. Again, I used an embroidery pattern from this flickr group. Although I loved the embroidery, I had the feeling that something was missing, so when I saw this table runner and tutorial, I knew that a few Christmas trees as a border were called for.

One minute I'm really really proud of the runner, the next minute I have the feeling that it needs something else, but I was petrified that I'd spoil it by adding too much. (I was also scared that I'd discover that Cat has a round table. Thank goodness she doesn't!)

If you're curious about the other things in the sack, pop over to Catalina's Cottage and have a look for yourself!

Just quietly, the whole pink, flowery, shabby chic thing is beginning to grow on me, but if you say that out loud I'll deny it, okay!?

I'm joining in Creative Friday today. 


  1. LOVED it all ::))
    Table runner is amazing ::)

  2. Awesome goodies J!! & That Tanya Whelan fabric is actually one of my all time fav fabrics at the moment (although in the blue colourway of course ;) )
    Hmmm... I also happen to note that you made some very floral buttercup bags recently - does this mean that there is a trend starting to happen LOL

  3. Hi! I love your table runner with trees and the applique reindeer is so cute!
    Merry Christmas! x Teje

  4. Love the table runner, and I think it is perfect as it is!

    The elf embroidery is gorgeous, so cute :) Love the fabric choices too, must be nice to be able to get out of your comfort zone when making things for other people :)

  5. so gorgeous! I especially love the embroiderd elves

  6. What an amazing swap!! I can see the love and care that you took with each gift, and I know that the recipient will use each one with delight and joy!!
    Merry Christmas!!

  7. the little elf embroideries are so sweet! you're such a clever lass!

  8. Those embroderies are lovely :) And I think the trees were just the right touch for the santa :)
    I may have to grab a bunch of that fabric.... its gorgeous!

  9. Seriously you are one clever mama! Love your craftiness!


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