Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Snake Birthday Cake

Pin Real LIfe
I was "pinspired!"

I saw this caterpillar cake, loved it and decided to make it for Wee Man's
first birthday cake.

Halfway through the decorating process however it somehow morphed into a snake.

It tasted good, Wee Man loved it (and scoffed it down in no time flat!) and it was pretty easy to make. I'll do something fancier and more relevant for his second birthday... probably...

(For the uninitiated, pinterest is a website where you can collect and organise pictorial bookmarks. Not only that, but you can browse other users boards and see what they are interested in. If you are not careful it can become a real time waster, but it can also be lots of fun!) 


  1. happy day wee man!! The cake is fantastic!

  2. Cute! Happy Birthday wee man!

  3. Wow! What an awesome cake ... that would have been fun to eat! :)

  4. Great cake! Was it the 'Hungry Catapillar' party idea, I am doing that for Rowan. Your cake look perfect! Bravo!

  5. It looks fab :) I keep meaning to do something with some of the foods and/or crafts that I have pinned... Maybe after Christmas I'll give it a shot!

  6. Happy Birthday Wee man. can't believe he is one all ready.
    Your cake looks amazing. the icing is so smooth and it sounds like he loved it :) Well done.


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