Thursday, 1 December 2011


I've been having a bit of a play recently, trying to make flex-frame purses.

For my first attempt, I followed an internet tutorial. It was easy to follow, but I wasn't that pleased with the results. I abandoned it without taking a photo.

I then spent many hours scratching my head and trying to work out how to do it better. Attempt 2 was better but still had a long way to go... still not worthy of a photo.

Here is attempt 3:

I am pleased with the technique, but not with the finish (its a bit squint and off centre in places).

My next one will be better as I learn from my mistakes! I am really looking forward to trying different fabrics and shapes now that I have worked out the basic technique.

Hmmm maybe I should try writing my first sewing tutorial, what do you think?

Why not hop over here and see all the amazing things that other creative crafty people have been making?!

And need I remind you that there is still time to enter my stickytiki giveaway if you haven't entered already?


  1. Yes - do a tutorial, it looks tricky. I would love to know where you find all these interesting notions.

  2. tutorial please....flex frame snack bags....ooowwwww the juices are flowing now! xx

  3. Glad each attempt is getting you closer, and I like the idea of using up different fabrics, so a tutorial would be good!

  4. Oh for sure you should do a tutorial - that way we all learn from your mistakes - he he!!!
    I've only just heard of flex frames myself - still haven't seen them in the shops - must have a look!

    Nice to see that deer fabric still going too! :)

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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