Monday, 28 November 2011

Progress Report- Doll's Cot

Remember this?
Ummm yes, it HAS been a while hasn't it!?

Spurred on by the fact that Christmas is getting ever closer, I finally have some progress to share. The woodwork is cleaned and partly sanded but most importantly the cot has a mattress. 

In the spirit of all things Tartankiwi, it is bright and cheerful, not tasteful and coordinated! You may recogise the fabric from the crayon rolls that I made a while back. It was once a cot duvet cover, so I reckon that this is a pretty appropriate use of the fabric. The foam for the mattress originates from an ancient portacot. I would NEVER let any child of mine sleep on this particular scuzzy bit of foam, but its perfect this purpose.

And just to prove that the quilt and the pillow that I made earlier fit, just take a look at this!

Now to decide what colour to the wood (this may well be determined by the available half used paint tins in the attic). I really am trying to keep the costs down on this project - can you tell?

I can't wait to start painting and get rid of that dirty dusky pink colour.

Wish me luck!

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  1. looks fantastic. Don't forget about your friend the test pot too!I'd probably pick out a blue from the quilt but that's me all over.

  2. Cute makeover! I have to say, these kinds of reno projects are my favourites! So nice to find something old and make it new!

  3. Love! and it looks great with the whole package, such an awesome makeover.... I also would go blue :)


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