Friday, 11 November 2011

I'm Loving...

Its been a funny old week, tough at times, but very rewarding at others.

Mr Tartankiwi is away at a conference in the Philippines so there are just me and two littlies in the house.

Its been Rascal's first week at a new preschool. I'm loving that it is really close with no major roads to cross on the way. Each morning I put Wee Man in the buggy and let Rascal loose on her balance bike.No dramas at the end of the day when its time to come home as she knows that her bike is waiting and excitedly runs to get her helmet on.

So proud of how quickly and easily Rascal has adapted to her new surroundings and the excitement that she has when she realises that its a preschool day. On the way home from her first day at preschool she was DETERMINED that she was going back the very next day (she wasn't but it was good to hear her so excited!)

Grateful for my wonderful friend Miriam who responded to my plea for adult time to save my sanity and arranged bloggy coffee. Its always so much fun meeting up with these girls and I love the fact that new faces join us each time we meet.
Not only that, but Miriam invited Rascal, Wee Man and I to tag along on their family trip to the A&P show.
Rascal with her boyfriends- Aren't they cute together!
I LOVED seeing the look of excitement when Rascal discovered that she was going to see Miriam's boys Flip and Bounce. She made me laugh by insisting that she had to wear her "pretty top to show Flip".

So cool to watch our children playing happily together. Love how Miriam's boys (big and small) looked after my little girl. Love that when they were playing on the bouncy castle an older boy (who we didn't know) carried Rascal to the top of the slide and happily watched on as she slid down.

So much fun petting the animals; checking out the various stalls; sitting on tractors; watching the sheep shearing and the sheep dog trials.

Had to laugh at the uses that modern technology are put to... fancy some virtual sheep shearing anybody?
Just look at the concentration!
I'm joining with Paisley Jade as usual. Hop on over and see what other people are loving.



  1. Awww - we loved spending yesterday with you. Rascal and Wee Man are such sweeties!

  2. Awww, those kids sure do look cute together; and that kiddy sheep shearing looks an absolute hoot! Was lovely to see you again at the meet up, and THANK YOU for your kind offer to make claud a rascal dress, I will measure her as soon as she slows down... x

  3. Lovely pics, great to hear Rascal is enjoying kindy :-)

  4. Sounds so great and lovely to have meet ups with fellow bloggers too!

  5. You must be so proud of Rascal :) Love the picture of her holding hands with Flip and Bounce.

  6. hahaha - lovely post and cracking up at the virtual sheep shearing!!!


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