Friday, 4 November 2011

I'm Loving...

The ease with which our big three year old took to her new balance bike. Walking to the park these days, I follow a streak of green and pink (never one to be coordinated I reckon that the pink flowery helmet counterbalances the perhaps slightly boyish green moto-X style bike!)

Naturally on the cautious side with new activities, Rascal hopped straight on her new balance bike and has hardly hopped off it since!

For anyone who hasn't seen one of these before, a balance bike is just like a normal bike, but it doesn't have any pedals. It teaches children the balance skills that they need to use a traditional bike without having to worry about pedals. From everything that I have heard, this makes the transition to a big bike pretty painless.

Admittedly Rascal does have a little friend who owns a balance bike, but as far as I am aware, Rascal had only looked on from afar and had not dared to give it a go.

Very proud that within a few short hours of owning her new bike, Rascal was scooting down a grassy embankment with both her feet off the ground and a huge grin on her face. Not only that, but she was not put off by the couple of tumbles that she had, she just jumped back on her bike and headed off again.
Please excuse the slightly blurred action photo!
If you are looking for a gift for a 3 year old, I cannot recommend these enough!

Joining in with Paisley Jade. Please hop over and see what other people are loving today.


  1. How sweet - she is a natural :) best le xox

  2. I'm loving our balance bike too at the moment ::))

    She is so sweet - love the parked up piccie

  3. Gorgeous! One of those bikes is definitely on our "when Tiny is a bit bigger..." list!

  4. Go Rascal Go!!! Clever big 3 year old!

  5. wow this is really cool, we went witha tradtional bike for our 4yr old, didnt even really look into these, but they make so much sense!! Awesome your wee miss is so confident on it

  6. Bedankt voor je bezoekje aan mijn blog.
    Groet, Gonny

  7. Cute as - and those bikes are such a fab idea!


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