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4MyEarthNZ {and a giveaway}

***This Giveaway is CLOSED***

I am really excited to introduce you all to Marcia of 4MyEarthNZ, a New Zealand owned and operated company which produces wonderful eco friendly reusable food wraps. I have been using these in Rascal’s lunchbox for the last year and really love them, so I asked Marcia if she would tell you all a bit about her products. 

* What motivated you to start up 4MyEarthNZ?
In 2009 when looking for eco friendly ways to wrap my daughters lunch for Montessori with minimal impact to our environment, I came across this concept and after getting a sample decided this was it.

It really annoys me to see bits of plastic blowing around schools and parks. I have never used plastic wrap and found reusable containers to be cumbersome and too bulky– I knew friends would be keen, but this has grown into so much more and now I send all over NZ and beyond!

* What are the advantages of using reusable food wrapping?
The product is perfect for anyone wanting to have an Eco lunch, easy for the children to manage and has less impact on the environment- plus you will keep the school and childcare centre happy with so many heavily promoting zero waste.

Good Planets are hard to find... at 4MyEarth® we have worked out a rough guide as to how much a child would use in plastic wrap based on a sandwich, muffin and nuts/sultanas in their lunch bag each day for a year. We worked it out to be 105 meters of plastic wrap that would be dumped into our ever increasing landfill. Times this by a small school of 450 students and it comes to a massive 47'250 meters per year. Let your food be nude!
* What are your products made from?
Fabric polyester with food grade FDA approved coating that after its useful life can compost down in the right environment. Our logos are organic ink.

Our unique and environmentally friendly coating that is free of PVC, Vinyl, PUL, EVA, Phthalate and preservatives 320 & 321, (found on commonly used plastic wrap) keeps food fresh, is non-toxic, breathable and conforms to FDA standards. The coating itself is heavy metal free and naturally decomposes without harm to the environment, unlike PUL which is not biodegradable.

4MyEarth® Fabrics that we use for our wraps and pockets are manufactured under strict conditions to ensure that there are no harmful substances present while been manufactured and at the same time being conscious of our environment.

* What makes your products special?
The whole family love them – not just the kids – I sell to trampers, boaties, hunters, mums and dads, builders, office workers and of course the kids want to use them!

They are funky and we use a fabric which, after much research, is far superior to what you find at your local fabric shop. Not only that, but they are ethically produced in India and WILL keep your sammies etc fresh!

* Could I not just make something like this for myself?
People do but I am always told they find that other fabrics dry out their sandwiches they are not comfortable with the other fabrics being food safe (note the fabric is not sourced in NZ)– or why bother when we have done all the hard work for them!

* Are they easy to clean?
Sure– they have to be otherwise we might not bother, right?

Hand wash with warm soap water and air dry, wash in the washing machine in a delicate bag. Is it just a few crumbs, shake them off and reuse!

* And now for the fun bit...
Marcia has kindly offered to give a sandwich pocket and snack pocket in the new Red Earth design OR a Red Earth sandwich wrap and a snack wrap in a design of the winners choice) to a lucky Tartankiwi reader.

  • To be in the draw, leave a comment saying what your favourite 4MyEarth product is.
  • For one extra entry, follow Tartankiwi visibly using Google Friend Connect OR like Tartankiwi on facebook
  • For another extra entry like 4MyEarthNZ on facebook
  • Let me know if you share this on facebook or your blog and I'll give you an extra entry
Leave a separate comment for each entry
(if you prefer, you are welcome to email your entry to craft.and.nappies(at)
Sorry, this giveaway is only open to those with a New Zealand address.
Giveaway closes on Sunday 20th November at 5:00pm
A winner will be randomly chosen shortly afterwards


  1. I only found 4MyEarth on facebook a couple of days ago - I love the Eco Snack Wrap - Eco Kids Blue. Would be perfect for my soon to be 5 year old

  2. Following you using GFC (although my picture is different over there!) and on facebook :)

  3. already a liker of 4MyEarthNZ on facebook :D

  4. I am already a friend of Tartankiwi on FB have added 4MyEarth on FB and as I am coming to NZ in January to visit my daughter can I also be cheeky and say I have a New Zealand address, I would give them to my grandchildren anyway, I like the red sandwich pocket.

  5. I'd love to win a red sandwhich bag :)

  6. These are such a great idea! I love the pink sandwich pocket, which my niece would adore.
    I'm a follower :)

  7. I also like you, and 4MyEarth, on FB - great site!

  8. Ok so I love the pockets most I think they'd be easiest to manage as well. Especially like the cars ones - it's so good to see ones my boys would like. And I follow you of course - do I leave a seperate comment for that? GREAT giveaway!!

  9. Cool! I have 2 reusable bags that have a plastic lining which I think is great - means juices and things from sandwhiches are really easy to contain and wipe away :) The probably is getting my husband to bring them home.

    I love the little snack bags! Would be so handy for chips, crackers and everything else! :)

  10. Oh - And I visibly follow you! :)

  11. I think the snck packs would be really handy and I'm a follower

  12. I have shared a link to your giveaway on Facebook too

  13. I love 4MyEarth sandwich pockets. I also hate the idea of food being wrapped in plastic and then being thrown out. I always use the pockets in lunch boxes for the kids and myself. I am a FB friend of both 4MyEarth and Tartankiwi.

  14. I use and love the sandwich wraps for my older son, they are great for school lunches :-)

  15. The red earth lunch wrap looks real cool, cheers Marie


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