Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Op Shop Finds

I think that I've previously admitted that I am a bit of an Op Shop novice, so I'm feeling rather pleased with myself for scoring some great finds.
This is my favourite:

Its tupperware and in great condition- SCORE!
We used to have tumblers like this when I was growing up and hubby is sure that his mum had the jug. I never thought I'd say this, but I love the autumn retro colours!

I also found this amazing skirt.
If I was a six foot beanpole then it would look amazing, but I'm not.

The denim is really heavy and in great condition. As for the embroidery, its  bright, cheerful and perfect. Don't you think I could make a great girls pinafore out of this.
There is oodles of fabric, so there should be plenty to fix any of the mistakes that I am bound to make!


  1. *squeal* LOVE that tupperware find! We had that set when I was growing up .. .. ..

  2. Oh awesome find to get the set...I have the jug and a few months ago I found the little sister jug for it, yet to find the cups though.

    Great find for the denim skirt, it would make a very cute pinafore, though if it is heavy weight denim, careful what pattern you choose, because it could be more tent like than you expect... read this post here at Jorth http://jorth.blogspot.com/2011/09/failure-is-option.html, she had a similar idea. Not meaning to put a dampner on it, just thought I should give you the heads up :)

  3. Sure we had the jug set too at one stage or other, great find.
    The skirt is beautiful and I can see some little girl running round in it with a lovely frilly little white tshirt underneath.
    Good op shopping, well done you

  4. great finds, I love the colours too x

  5. We used to have that exact same tupperware jug growing up too! Same colour even! Great find!

    And that skirt will make the perfect little girl's pinafore! Have fun upcycling it!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. That tupperware takes me back!! We had that very jug. Awesome find and the pinafore will be super cute!


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