Monday, 3 October 2011

A Mini Kilted Kiwi- part one

Incase you'd missed it, the Rugby World Cup is taking place in New Zealand at the moment.

As you drive past most preschools, kindy's and schools  you see a sea of international flags, so I guess it should come as no surprise that Rascal's preschool is having a party on Friday and the children are to come in national dress.

I thought it would be fun to make a costume that represents Rascal's heritage and as I have no idea how to put a Dutch National Dress Costume together I opted to honour her Scottish roots.

I think that hubby expected me to just make a tartan skirt, but what would be the fun in that? Unfortunately my fabric was not nice heavy wool and I didn't have enough of it to make really deep pleats, so its not going to swish like a proper kilt, but I did my best.

Hopefully I will get a photo of Rascal wearing the whole outfit when its complete.

Proof that I CAN actually use an iron without ruining all my hard work!
Kilt complete, now to come up with the rest of the costume.

Next decision- will she be a ScotsMAN complete with sporran, Tam O' Shanter, ginger hair, ginger beard and Sgian-dubh (obviously I wouldn't put a real dagger in her sock, but a cardboard one could be made easily enough!)?

OR a wee highland dancer with green velvet waistcoat, white blouse, plaid and a plaid brooch?...

Oh the possibilities... (Maybe I should check with Rascal before I get too carried away!)

Have you made any fancy dress costumes for your child, if so, what did you make and did they like it?

I just have to add that Hubby is sitting here laughing at the smug noises coming out of me... I'm just SOOO proud of my wee kilt!


  1. this is so adorable! you are very very clever!

  2. Wow, your kilt is amazing! Pity Scotland are not still in the World cup, the story of Scottish rugby, start the game well then loose it in the end!!

  3. Far out, that's amazing, well done you! I love the idea of a sporran, somewhere to keep your wee toys, but I think you should felt up some clogs too lol!

  4. Adorable kilt. I was cheering for Scotland on Saturday night, to bad they couldn't pull it off in the end!

  5. Beautiful kilt! I'm impressed! Hope you post pictures of the finished costume! (I'd vote for the Highland dancer too!)

    My kids love the idea of dressing up - but only wear things for a few mins before taking them off again - so I've stuck with simple costumes that go over the top of their clothes and can be taken off easily!! (fussy kids!!)

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  6. Wow - it's gorgeous! Well Done :-) Love the fabric.

  7. What a fantastic effort, well done you! Personally I vote for Buchanan Princess/highland dancer - with the sash and the velvet and the brooch - I'll have to have a dig around in the destash box I'm sure I have some cotton velvet but it might be burgandy? I've made Lala a Minnie Mouse costume and a Princess outfit and they are still bought out and worn.

  8. Oh wow, that is just gorgeous! A real work of art :) I vote Highland Dancer too - have lots of fun, and look forward to seeing the completed ensemble - whatever it will be!

  9. Oh my Scottish bap! That is outstanding. You inspire me to fish out my quilt from whence I was a wee one and turn one of these Sew Pretty chairs into a heritage chair!

  10. Wowsers Girl - AWE-SOME!!! I am impressed it all looks SO good - can't wait for the reveal


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