Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Mini Kilted Kiwi- The Finale

And here it is- Rascal's finished fancy dress Highland Dancer outfit  (created 100% by moi).

The piglet comforter in her hand is not part of the costume, just Rascal's most trusted companion
I know there are a few issues with it. The kilt is too long (a kilt should just skim the ground when you sit up on your knees), the waistcoat has a few imperfections in the stitching and is perhaps not the best fit; the plaid should be longer and fuller and technically speaking you even don't need a plaid with this particular outfit, but hey who needs to be totally accurate with a kids fancy dress costume!

I'm really really pleased with it!
I love the silver pom poms instead of buttons on the waistcoat.
I love the velcro instead of buckles on the kilt.
But most of all, I love that I MADE IT, and I did it without a pattern or example of such an outfit in front of me.

As for Rascal, she loves it too. We have been showing her photos of her Grandpa, Uncle and Dad in kilts (yes, my Dutch husband donned a kilt for our wedding- a great surprise for his parents!), so she is extra proud of her own special kilt.

...Oh and it helps that there is a kilted dancing snowman in her favourite animation of the moment- "The Snowman". As a result, if you ask her who wears kilts (meaning the Scots) she answers "THE SNOWMAN!!!"... Ah well...

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  1. Absolutely fantastic, what a great costume. And how proud must you be of it? I definitely would be. Looks great!

  2. Clever mummy! The outfit is fantastic...even with Piglet:-)

  3. That is amazing, fab outfit and super cute model!

  4. this is totally darling as is Rascal and I bet her Grandad will be extra proud when he sees photos xx
    Well done you xxx

  5. it looks great all together!
    what a fantastic job!

  6. It looks great! Well done, I can't believe you did it all without a pattern/guide/tutorial!

    Rascal is super cute, too :)

  7. Cute model, cute costume! You can't ask for amy more than that.

  8. Just BRILLIANT! I'm super impressed you did it all with no pattern! It looks fabulous and I'm not surprised Rascal loves it!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  9. *heart melts*

    So good, well done!

  10. Oh, I think it looks adorable - as does little piggy & her cute lil pink socks too!

  11. so cute!! you are so talented!!!

  12. Wow - looks awesome. And rascal is so cute :-)

  13. wonderful stuff, well done you, she looks adorable, how good it must feel to know you have made a whole outfit (and such a fancy one) from scratch! Hey, but do the scots dancers not wear the crazy ringlet-y wigs the irish dancers do?!! Come-on get ya knitting needles out ;0)

  14. Very beautiful -well done!
    Wish you a great day!

  15. Too cute for words.

    There's nothing like the joy that comes from 'all my own work'.


  16. You are amazing making this without a pattern!!! What a wonderful outfit and no wonder Rascal loves it.

  17. Wow - such an adorable little kilted costume! You're definitely very creative and adventurous.

    I thought I'd mention to you and your readers that there is a Creative Costume Contest over at You can enter as many times as you like, as long as each entry is unique. And, there is a $250 Grand Prize!

    Anyway, congrats on creating this adorable Highland costume - it's a winner!



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