Sunday, 16 October 2011

Mean Mummy or Clever Mummy?

These days when I bake cupcakes or muffins there are always two sizes. There are the Rascal size ones and the Mummy/ Daddy size ones. I guess it started off when we made healthy muffins for Rascal when she was just getting into finger food and its something that we have never stopped.

When I sent cupcakes to preschool with Rascal for their party the other week, it struck me that at the end of the day all my small cupcakes were gone, but the big ones sent by other mothers were either licked clean of icing and left; half eaten; or untouched and still on the plate.

I had to laugh yesterday. The present batch of muffins are stored in two boxes, according to size. Hubby went to get a muffin for Rascal and picked up the box with the larger cupcakes. Rascal immediately said "No Daddy, not those ones, these ones" and pointed to the box of small muffins.

We feel that by taking this approach we are not forbidding "bad" foods". We also don't make a big thing about it being a treat (although she will not get one if she hasn't eaten her dinner). We hope that by taking this approach, we are letting Rascal develop a sensible attitude to sweet treats.

Rascal will eat one small muffin or cupcake and she's happy, but my questions still remains... mean mummy or clever mummy? How do you address sweet treats in your family?


  1. I think clever! I have a mini muffin pan as well and always do 12 small and 6 large these days. I find the small ones are good for morning tea's at hubby's work as well and for coffee group too.
    Not made any muffins for ages - today might be the day!

  2. Definitely clever Mummy! I do it too, love my mini muffin tray.

  3. I make littlies too, mainly for the cuteness factor tho as she will often eat 2 or even three, but I dont bake that often so i dont worry too much how many she eats! Clauds just got to the stage where she asks all the time for "chocolate cake", which she only gets at her aunties every fortnight, and she gets marshallows once a week at a cafe too. Otherwise we eat the good stuff when she's gone to bed!

  4. Hee hee you don't want to know is the answer from my house!
    I also have the mini muffin pan approach until laziness or busyness set's in and only big size treats get made, but it can still be limited!

    My boys do just simply always seem to be hungry though! Not sure what it is with boys but no sooner have they wolfed down their lunch and they are starving!

    Oldest does not eat crackers so a real hard thing to find healthier alternatives! Any suggestions would be welcomed!

  5. Clever mummy. We do that same in our house. A big one goes to waist with the little ones and they love the smaller size. just the right size for little kids :)

  6. Clever Mummy! I think a tiny cupcake in a tiny hand is giving her the correct message!

  7. I agree with everyone else, clever :) I often halve the muffins for lil miss, and usually only half of that gets eaten anyway
    Mini muffins would be a great idea in our house, but they would never last long with my boys ;) And we always had a sweet treat as a incentive to finish their dinner, but now, because they expected it everynight and they are older.... we had to change that rule, and now desert is only on Fri, Sat, Sun. Its a treat now that their older and no longer a incentive.

    Also just catching up on your other posts.... love the quilt and pillow you made for the cot, you did a great job doing the mitred binding, it adds a great finish... and no doubt a smile to your face :)


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