Friday, 7 October 2011

I'm Loving...

I'm loving that I sent a Highland Dancer in (pink) GUMBOOTS to preschool this morning! There was no getting them off her and she seemed happy with the ensemble, so who was I to complain!

Yesterday, on Rascal's insistence the two of us made cupcakes for her to take to her preschool party. While she was in bed last night I put pink icing on them. I'm loving that from the moment she saw them this morning, Rascal hasn't stopped saying "I LIKE pink, Mummy!"

I'm loving this recipe. (I didn't photograph the one that I baked as it sank in the middle), but it tasted so so so good. For any Terry's Chocolate Orange fans out there, this is like a cake version of one. Chocolate Orange goodness- YUMMMMY!

Loving savouring natures beauty with Rascal. It is so much fun sharing the wonderment and excitement of a child for the things which we perhaps take for granted at times...
... the simple pleasure of admiring and picking the beautiful Spring flowers
... or making daisy chains,
... or watching the poor single out of season passionfruit on our confused vine slowly changing colour and ripen.

Loving the challenge of blogging every day as part of Blogtoberfest, and believe me it IS a challenge.  Loved the first week, now to work out how to handle the second week and the third week and the fourth week..

Joining with Paisley Jade. Hop over and see what other people are loving today



  1. I like pink too! You are such a clever wonderful mummy. Happy Friday x

  2. I can just imagine the pink gumboots ensemble, so cute, a sense of style already! Enjoying your regular blogging, its been great to read... goodluck for the following weeks :)

  3. Me is a GREAT colour and those cakes look good too!

  4. mmmm that cake looks amazing. Im going to try it this weekend :)
    Loving the image of the pink gumboots - so cute.

  5. chocolate orange cake, now you've talking! I'm enjoying the daily postings and looking forward to next weeks, have a great weekend x

  6. Hehe. Pink gumboots totally go with highland dancing!!

  7. Terry's Choc Orange cake sounds like a winner for this house! I've pinned the recipe for future use :-)


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