Monday, 31 October 2011


Tinniegirl Blogtoberfest 2011

One month... 31 days... 31 blog posts
I survived Blogtoberfest!
Not only that, but I didn't scare off all my followers in the process!!!

Its been quite a month:
  • I have celebrated one year of blogging
  • I made it to over 100 lovely blog followers (thank you)
  • I hosted a little giveaway
  • I had a great time visiting blogs that I otherwise wouldn't have found
  • I have developed an even greater respect for those bloggers who churn out quality content day in day out.
Thank you for joining me (and for sticking around!)

If you are tempted to join in Blogtoberfest in the future, here is my survival advice:
  • Write as many posts as you can in advance. There are always days that you don't feel like blogging, or life just gets in the way so a bit of organisations really really helps. 
  • Scheduler is your friend :-)
  • I found that having projects that I could split up over a few days was a good way to go. For example, Rascal's highland dancer costume could have been written as one large post, but I think that it broke down quite nicely into a series of shorter posts.
  • Bear in mind that you are hijacking peoples reading list with extra content and it is more than likely that other people are doing the same thing. Be considerate and don't write massive essays every day!
  • (This is a biggie!) -  STAY TRUE TO YOUR BLOG! You will probably have extra blog traffic as a result of the extra posts. Post about things that you think represent your blog and would interest your blog readers. Posting for the sake of it will more likely scare followers away than attract them!
I hope that you think that I followed my own advice. I really tried to write posts that were worth reading and I think I succeeded (with a couple of possible exceptions).

I may have a bit of a blogging break this week. I guess it depends what crafting I get the chance to do. Anyway, thanks again for joining me during a fun month.

Right... I'm off to blow up balloons with my daughter and then let them go so that they fly around the room... If you hear lots of laughter it'll be coming from our house!


  1. Hey... Congratulations on surviving blogtoberfest too and over 100 followers :)

    I totally agree with all the great advice on surviving a month of blogging... I pretty much did all those things! Phew.. I need a holiday now :)

  2. Yay, congrats on making it through Blogtoberfest! I found it quite hard sometimes to I'm looking forward to a wee break.

  3. congratulations !!! you did it !!! what an achievement to be proud of ::))

  4. Horah! and hehehe about the balloons! We made a teepee and had a tea party in the back yard with my china teapot - I thought of Rascal :)

  5. I'm seriously impresssed! I find it hard to do one post a week, and visit fellow huge wowzer congrats! I'm also seriously impressed asto how much one person can achieve in 31 days!:)..its the teapot b'day cake thats won me over though!Hope your having a fun day...oh wait a minute...I can hear the shrieks and giggles so that would be a yes!
    thanks for joining in my giveaway and your lovely comment x

  6. Well done you and happy birthday to a very gorgeous and clever little rascal!


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