Saturday, 22 October 2011

A Double Celebration

Good news! As of yesterday, a whopping hundred of you now follow my blog 
(How amazing is that?)

I have decided to add a spot prize to the giveaway in way of a little celebration. Yes folk, that means you have an extra chance to win.

At the moment I am undecided what you will win, but I'm sure I will have fun coming up with some nice goodies. I may or may not listen to any hints which are dropped so feel free to tell me if anything has caught your eye...

Because a post without pictures is boring...
Here's a Photo of Wee Man proudly wearing his loyalty
Go the Mighty All Blacks :-)


  1. congratulations on 102 followers xxx
    wee man looks darling

  2. Congratulations on passing the big century! I love the 'All Blacks' cap..yay.

  3. I'm a big rugby fan and here in the UK I think everyone is supporting the All Blacks!

  4. I cant wait to reach 100 followers! Congrats to you and i hope we are having a big party tonught to celebrate a kiwi win. Fingers crosses

  5. Woop! Congrats on getting over 100 followers! All your lovely zippy purses are cute...hint, hint :-)

  6. Also you have done such a great job of building your blog and having your own voice. You go girl!


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