Friday, 14 October 2011

Dolls quilt- Part 2

Ta da! Its finished!

As I said before, I went for bright and cheerful over tasteful!

Thanks for all the suggestions. Between you guys and my friend google, I managed to finish off my wee dolls quilt.

In the end I decided to stitch the ditch (sew along in the seam between the squares). I had a go at doing this by hand, but my stitches were far too ugly and uneven, so I unpicked that and did it by machine (making my shonky sewing far less visible!) I don't have a walking foot for my machine, but with short seams like these I was assured that it wouldn't be a problem (it wasn't).

I remembered having read a tutorial ages ago which showed you how to make binding using a pin on the ironing board (sorry I can't find the link any more!) I would recommend that if you do this, you are less slap dash than me and measure your fabric width accurately so that it is the same width in all places.

Mitred corners are definitely a challenge and as you can see, mine got better as I went on (thanks to this tutorial!)
First corner- Should probably have unpicked this and tried again
Fourth corner- Ah that's looking much better :-)
Challenge #49-  Make A Dolls Quilt- COMPLETE


  1. yeah you xxx this is fantastic xxx next challenge make a lap quilt :)

  2. I can't do those corners at all! Well done!

  3. yay for you! Well done for sewing your first quilt! Looks fab. I love those scrappy blocks.
    What's the next quilt in the pipeline now hmmm? ;)

  4. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing on Creative Friday:)

  5. How beautiful - I am very envious - sewing is not one of my strong points!

  6. Yay, so cute :) I am terrible at all forms of sewing (I keep trying though!) so your first corner looks better than what it would look like on my 4th attempt ;)

  7. Such a cute quilting project, I would love to try making one of these! ~April

  8. That is a sweet doll quilt. My girls would love something like this, but alas, they never leave me much time to sew :)


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