Sunday, 2 October 2011

Cheeky Monkey Number One

You know when you make an off hand comment which takes on a life of its own?
Wee Man off to explore the world
The other week I told Rascal that she was cheeky monkey number 1 and Wee Man was cheeky monkey number 2. Rascal thought about it and immediately asked "and number 3?"

Its always interesting to see where these things go, so I asked her who cheeky monkey number 3 was.

The answer- "Mummy!" (Ah well, I guess I've been called worse!)

"And number 4?" I said, curious to see how far this would go...
"Daddy!" was the definite answer.

"And number 5?"
Rascal had to think about this, at first it was my brother, then it was a family friend, but finally she settled on one of the boys from preschool (Whom I have since discovered is consistently called a Monkey by one of the preschool teachers). We made it up to cheeky monkey number 11 or 12, but after 5 they are not consistently the same if we ask again.

These days if I call Rascal a "Rascally Rascal", I get a dead pan answer "No. I not a Rascal, Mummy! I Cheeky Monkey Number One!"

I think its fair to say that this has already passed into our family folklore. Rascal loves to tell us each which cheeky monkey we are and is very proud of her status as number 1.


  1. Cute :-)
    Cheeky Monkey is a popular phrase in our house too!

    And I think I've worked out why I've been no reply on the comments - it's because I use the Name/URL option and not my Google Account. Trying this from my Google account so hopefully it'll work :-)

  2. Aw, that is very cute. Love the way these simple little things become family stories.

  3. Gotta love the way kid's minds work. Our monkey now likes to be called George after watching the movie!

    Popping in as part of Blogtoberfest travels!


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