Thursday, 8 September 2011

Uh-oh! Is this the beginning of the end?

A wee while ago, my bloggy friend Kat made a cheeky request. She was making a massive scrappy log cabin quilt and although she was participating in a couple of quilting bees, she was majorly short of blocks. In a flash of inspiration, she asked her blog followers for help.

Now Kat is one talented cookie, so not only did she ask for help, but she provided a tutorial on how to create such blocks. After having looked at the tutorial, I decided to give it a go.

The brief was:
bright, happy (and a little bit pink) in colour
She gave more detail saying that her favourite prints are:
dots of all kinds,
geometric prints,
prints with a bit of interest - such as script/writing etc...
vintage florals.
russian dolls
teacups & teapots.

And here is what I came up with:

It looks brighter in real life!

I think that I followed the brief... there's a little bit of pink; and there are birds, dots, geometric prints and vintage florals. I love the fun (pink) giraffes in the centre! I probably should have planned the fabric placement a bit better, as I used up most of my favourite fabrics in the smaller central strips and then had to go looking for suitable fabrics for the larger outer strips. But hey, this was my first effort and I reckon its not bad!

Now I just hope I've not been bitten by the quilting bug. If I have, I blame you Kat!!!

Challenge #53 (Make a block for a bloggy friend's quilt)- COMPLETE

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  1. Well done, but your'e Doomed! patchwork is incredibly addictive... I got sucked into its vortex 9 years ago :)

  2. That looks great! I'd love to learn how to quilt but I am not sure my sewing skills are up to the task!

  3. you can't blame me remember- did you not read my disclaimer LOL
    I LOVE it thanks lovely. And such nice things you say about me. Bless you :)
    Thank you J!

  4. The combination of fabrics you've picked out is great - bright and happy!

    Jem xXx

  5. Your block is PERFECT! How lucky that Kat will eventually have a quilt that many hands loving contributed to.


  6. Your block is gorgeous! I am too scared to try quilting, as I KNOW I will be addicted, and at the moment, I dont have the time for any more craft addictions :)

  7. bahahahaha welcome to the quilting world - next challenge make your self a quilt ::))
    it's gorgeous by the way xxx

  8. Wee yup I reckon there's a quilt brewing under that crafty veneer!

  9. It looks great, I think she will be really pleased! And what a great idea to get others to help!

  10. I think your block looks amazing, and the fabric combo is very cool & quirky.

  11. ditto on all of the above comments! Thanks for sharing.

  12. What a great first block!! From everything I've heard quilting is totally addictive, but I'm having trouble picking out the fabrics for my first attempt .... I need a deadline!!


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