Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sewer's Block and More Challenges

You may have noticed that I was a bit quiet on the blogging front this last week. It wasn't because I had sneaked off on holiday again; it wasn't because I was ill (although I did have off colour children for a couple of days). It wasn't because I had a lack of ideas. I guess that it was partly due to the fact that knitting a jumper is a bigger project and there are only so many teaser posts that you can do, but no, that was not the real reason. In all honesty I think I was suffering from fear of the uncut fabric. Does anyone else get that?

I had all these beautiful fabrics that had been purchased in the Spotlight sale, but I was scared to cut into them in case I did so and then realised that by so doing I had wasted the fabric and stopped it finding its "perfect" use.

So today I got out my rotary cutter, scissors and cutting mat and enjoyed cutting into some of the new fabric. It was fun to see some new projects taking shape and it reminded me how silly I had been. Hopefully I will have a lot more to share with you in the next wee while.

In the meantime, I was looking at my list of challenges and realised that I have completed a surprising number of them. 28/40 are complete and a further 5 are works in progress. As a result I have decided to add a few more challenges to the list. They are:

• Knit a pair of (welly boot) socks for each of the children
• Knit a dishcloth
• Make a box pouch
• Make up a tutorial for my blog
• Make a dolls quilt
• Start a felt shop
• Knit a hoodie for Wee Man
• Make a bed for Rascal's dolls
• Make a block for a bloggy friend's quilt
• Sew a set of Summer pyjamas from Rascal

... More challenges will follow as and when I think of them!


  1. Looking forward to see what you are making :) plus that's awesome you have completed so many of your tasks... and some of those new ones are similar to my list... well in my head that is!

  2. yes!! I do know your fear..I've got material from years ago that remain uncut..but thats an even bigger waste!! So thankyou for the proverbial kick :)
    Opening a felt shop??Oohh that sounds brilliant! Are you thinking internet or bricks and mortar? Either way your list is very impressive since you've got wee ones do you squeeze it all in?!
    Big hugs to you XX
    (and thanks for the smile inducing comment you left..glad u were laughing with me :)!!)

  3. Totally get the fear of cutting fabric - I think it comes from people who love fabric just for itself not for the project that will be done with it...if that makes sense. Box pouches are A.MAY.ZING!!!!! You are so clever - but I think I say that every week!


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