Monday, 26 September 2011

More Napkins

I have spent more relaxed evenings embroidering and have a some more napkins to show for it.

Look how well this one has turned out. I will definitely be sewing more dancing Santas (design from the same source as before).

I was a bit worried that the bell design for this napkin would be too small, but I don't think I need have worried.

Stay posted for my next embroidery project...

(Apologies to anybody who I freak out by posting about Christmas already, but with family in Europe I have to be organised if I want to make their presents. I really don't want to be online desperately searching for Christmas presents on Christmas Eve...)


  1. Oh! they are lovely!
    The red and white! Although the mention of christmas has me shaking in my boots!
    I'm loking forward to the chch swap!
    Hannah x

  2. Holy cow, they are GORGEOUS! I am in awe....

  3. I KNOW just how beautiful these are! Gorgeous xxx

  4. They do look ab-fab you clever thing x


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