Monday, 12 September 2011

Knitted Dishcloths

I felt the need for a smaller knitting project.

When I found some beautiful organic cotton yarn on sale at Spotlight, I decided that dishcloths would be just the thing. It turned out to be a great way for me to try out some more elaborate knits patterns without having to unravel lots and lots if I made a mistake.

I started with the waffle knit dishcloth.
I then moved on to squares

and finished off with checkered

Oh and there may have been a couple of other aborted attempts along the way...

The stitches are not the most even in the world, but they are more than adequate for this purpose!

I'm now trying a chevron pattern, but fear that:
a) I'll lose my way in the pattern
b) I'll run out of yarn before I finish it

I should mention that I found all of these free patterns with the help of ravelry

Challenge #46 (Knit a dishcloth)- COMPLETE


  1. Yeah you xxx
    I love knitting dishcloths!
    My next challenge is to crochet one.

  2. Wow! SO impressed - seriously you are so versatile as a crafter.

  3. ummm, WOW!!
    i feel like i'm wiping benches and tables and hands and faces ALL DAY LONG...but i wouldn't mind doing it so much with those! amazing!!

  4. This is SUCH a great idea to build up knitting skills!! I'm such a timid knitter - too scared to take on any decent project for fear of stuffing it up.

  5. These are lovely - a great way to try out new knitting stitches too :) I would like to try something similar with crochet . . . sometime :D

  6. Great patterns! Great dishcloths! Thank you so much for sharing your post at Savvy HomeMade Monday! I hope you will come back and party again!


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