Friday, 9 September 2011

I'm loving...

... getting myself out of a rut!

Over the last wee while my day began to revolve around putting one child to bed and getting the other one up. There seemed to be no time of day left for getting out of the house and do fun things. I felt myself turning into a bit of a recluse and it was affecting my mood and my sanity.

So I decided it was time for a change. This last week I have started to put Wee Man down for his afternoon sleep in the buggy. This means that we have been able to get out of the house and enjoy the simple pleasures of life and we're all loving it! Here are a selection of some of the joys that we have encountered:

... trips to the playground
... rolling down grassy embankments with Rascal, roaring with laughter

... walking to preschool
... stopping to feed the ducks
... enjoying the sunshine
... getting some much needed exercise

If you find yourself in a rut like that please know that there's a way out and the solution is often very simple.

I'm also loving watching Wee Man grow. It seems only yesterday that he was a babe in arms and now he is crawling, standing and getting up to all sorts of mischief!
Wee Man in his favourite pose
And finally, I'm loving happy mail! Just look at the beautiful goodies that arrived from Adriana. Aren't they gorgeous! Make sure you hop over to her blog and check out the beautiful bags and skirts that she makes.

But the happy mail doesn't stop there. The wonderful and generous Cat sent me this delicious baking all the way from Auckland.

Thank you so much Cat, you are a star and I'm proud to call you my friend! (... and yes, they taste as good as they look...)

Challenge #31 (Exercise regularly once bubs is born (even if this just means walking with the pram))- WORK IN PROGRESS
Challenge #35 (Take time to reflect on how I am feeling and ensure that I don’t regress into bad habits)- WORK IN PROGRESS

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  1. oh i'm so thrilled that Cat sent you baking!!
    i think it's a wonderful old-fashioned way to reconnect in a modern world. and so personal~ :)


  2. Wow - that bag and prize from Adriana is gorgeous! Now that Spring is here it's nice to be outside isn't it? We have been spending more time in the garden and even that makes a big difference to our day :-)

  3. Wow - what lovely goodies in the mail! So glad you are getting out and about. Feels so much better when you aren't tied to the house! Have a fab weekend. xoxo

  4. I often find myself hibernating at home... and I have to push myself to go out and about. But spring is here, and with it more sunny days to make the most of.... I should take a leaf out of your book! As for the mail... wow home baking, what a lovely idea!

  5. Yeah xxx loving your happy mail xxx
    And I even used a recipe that Dee sent me when she sent me my happy mail of home baking - see it just keeps going .. .. ..
    And yeah for grass rolling and crawling and ducks and walks and happy families xxx

  6. It's so great that getting outside is all it takes sometimes. And what a clever wee man! His little legs are so cute!


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